Get Married This Summer with These Ideas

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Are you planning a summer wedding in Utah? No one can fault you with that. The Beehive State is one of the most go-to destinations for couples over the last few years, thanks to its gorgeous outdoors, abundant choices of venues, awesome food, and chill vibe.

But because the world is still in the middle of the pandemic, saying I Do here demands more careful planning. Give yourselves a nice head start with these tips:

1. Know the Budget

In 2020, the average wedding cost in the United States decreased by almost $5,000 compared to the previous year, mainly due to the pandemic. However, $20,300 isn’t exactly that affordable either.

The average price also depends on the state, and a typical Utah wedding is neither extravagant nor cheap. Couples can expect to spend around $19,500 or almost $300 per guest. On the upside, none of its metros belong to the most expensive places to get married, according to Value Penguin.

Where will your money go? A massive chunk of that will go to the venue, which already includes catering. In Utah, it may be worth $12,000, which is close to the national average of $13,000. The reception band and photographer take the third and fourth spots, costing $3,000 and $2,100, respectively. (Engagement rings are the second-costliest expense.)

From these numbers, you can better decide who you want to attend your Utah wedding physically.

2. Apply for a Marriage License Online

Like most states, couples can already hold their wedding as soon as they receive their marriage license in Utah. Processing is also fast.

But there’s a caveat: it has an expiration date. You need to get married within 30 days, or else, you have to reapply. That’s why the courts often advise that you secure the license at least 7 to 10 days before your marriage date.

However, keep in mind that everything’s just starting to resume in the state because of the pandemic. These include the postponed wedding plans of other couples. You may find yourself in a crowd inside the court during your application.

To save yourself from the hassle, apply online. It takes less than 10 minutes and helps you practice social distancing. Once an officiant signs the online license, the couple can then receive a PDF as proof.

3. Pick a Good Time to Get Married

In Utah, summer is the wedding season, which means you have many competitors for venues, catering services, entertainment—practically everything. You need to book them at least six months in advance, particularly if you plan the wedding to be a multi-day affair.

Otherwise, if a day is enough, walk down the aisle on a Wednesday. Usually, couples get married over the weekend. Mondays and Tuesdays will give you more time to prepare for the big day.

Note, too, that this season can bring scorching-hot temperatures in the state. At its peak, which is around July, the heat can register up to 38 degrees Celsius. If you want to avoid the discomfort, consider a wedding early in the morning, late afternoon, or, best of all, in the evening, when the air is much cooler.

4. Buy the Dress in Utah

Some experts advise women to begin wedding dress shopping as soon as they get engaged or at least a year before the ceremony. The problem with buying or having it made this early is it’s prone to a lot of alterations. These can take more time from the wedding planning.

A better option is to look for a credible wedding dress shop and purchase the gown here. An excellent boutique can offer a wide variety of designs, looks, sizes, and brands. There’s a good chance you can find one that fits your taste, personality, and budget (although you may want to go for flowy gowns made from lighter fabrics since this is a summer wedding).

It may also provide customization if you want yours to appear different from other off-the-rack dresses, as well as alterations. Either way, you won’t have to burden yourself with gently packing your gown and making sure it doesn’t get damaged in transit, as well as going through several fittings.

5. Know the Health Rules

Utah has officially lifted its social gathering restrictions, which means, as a couple, you can invite as many people as you like (don’t forget the budget, though!).

The state has also ended its mandatory mask-wearing since April. The CDC also clarifies that those already fully vaccinated can go indoors and outdoors without any face covering. They can also travel more easily, at least domestically.

However, the health climate can still change drastically, especially since there’s a growing number of COVID-19 variants. Be prudent, stay updated with the state guidelines, and make your wedding plan more flexible.

Planning a wedding in Utah these days is more challenging, but it’s doable. These ideas help ensure you can make it happen.



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