Getting Rid of TMJ-Related Pain

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Pain that is related to TMJ can be serious and debilitating. Having TMJ can prevent you from eating and enjoying the food that you love. Having it can even prevent you from talking properly, as sometimes, the pain can be too much that you would not even want to open your mouth at all.

Below, we will discuss some proper exercises that you can try to help alleviate pain that is related to TMJ. If the pain is too much to handle, though, then make sure to pay your doctor a visit, as they might suggest corrective jaw surgery in Salt Lake City.

The Relaxed Jaw

The relaxed jaw exercise includes resting your tongue on the roof of your mouth and behind your upper teeth. Your bottom and upper teeth must be a little bit apart when doing this exercise. This specific exercise will help you relax your jaw while making sure that the muscles are well-exercised in the process.

The Goldfish

This exercise seems insignificant, but really, it does a lot to help relieve your TMJ-related symptoms. Again, place your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Add one finger in front of the ear that you are currently experiencing TMJ in. If it’s for both sides, then take turns exercising each one.

Put one finger, preferably the middle or pointer finger, on your chin. Use this finger to gently pull on your chin down. Drop your lower jaw at least halfway and then close it again. You should remember to do this exercise for at least six times a day. One set should also contain six counts of the said exercise.

The Chin Tucks


This one’s simple, but highly effective. First, simply put your chest back and protrude your chest forward. Then, simply pull your chin forward and back again as if creating a double chin. Hold this position for at least three seconds, and then repeat the exercise again for at least ten times.

The Chin Resistance

Simply take your thumb and place it under your chin. Push it gently, but make sure that you are still pushing a little bit of pressure to it. Open your mouth slowly and gently, then push your thumb on your chin for resistance. Hold this position for three to six seconds, and then release and close your mouth slowly.

The Tongue Release

Simply open your mouth repeatedly while making sure that your tongue touches the roof of your mouth when you open it. Do not rush the process, make sure that you keep your mouth open and your tongue touching the roof of your mouth for at least a second or two before closing it again.

The Jaw Movement

Take an object that’s about 1/4 inch thick, then put it in between your front teeth. Slowly move your jaw from one side to the other, but make sure to do it slowly. Once you feel like you are comfortable, you can then take another object that’s a little bit thicker and stack it on top of the object that you are using.

When doing these exercises, make sure not to force yourself too hard. It would also be safe to ask your doctor first if these exercises would be safe for you to do, as some cases may differ from another.

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