Health and Fitness Tips as You Age

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We all age. It is a fact of life that cannot be denied. As the years pile up, we get a little slower, a bit weaker. And even if this doesn’t entail drastic changes in our lifestyle, it does represent small changes in the way we do things.

Having said that, here are four important pointers to consider.

Be Mindful of Your Sleep

Whether you are a guy going through andropause and the higher levels of insomnia that come with it or a lady trying to reduce night sweats associated with menopause, few things are more important as you age than the quality of your sleep. And it is not just about the length of time you are in bed. Instead, there are other factors involved as well.

One of them is the environment. A good night’s sleep is best achieved when you are in a dark room at a comfortable temperature. While there is no exact way to measure this, dark entails opening your eyes naturally in the morning rather than due to the glare.

And as for the temperature, it varies from person to person. Still, if you are waking up because you are either too cold or too hot, it’s probably time to adjust your thermostat. Your body will thank you for it in the morning.

Healthy Food Choices

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We all remember our mid and late twenties. For many of us, they were easier times, times filled with joy and expectations. We didn’t quite know what to do with our lives, but still, the future seemed there for the taking and the possibilities endless.

From a nutritional perspective, our twenties are often considered the decade in our lives when our metabolism is at its best. All systems inside our bodies are clicking, and our human anatomies function like a well-oiled machine. A clear example of this is a night out with friends. We eat whatever we want and couple it with a few drinks. Yet, the next day our stomachs remain flat, and we are ready to go at it again.

Sadly, this isn’t the case as we age. Our digestive systems are not as strong, and whatever we do, we pay for it the following morning. But this doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy the dishes we love or indulge once in a while in cake or ice cream. Rather, we should do it occasionally and in moderation.

Knowing Your Limits

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady recently won this record seventh Superbowl title. Aside from the obvious fact that nobody before him ever won even six, the most impressive aspect of his championship run is that he did it at age 43. Michael Jordan came back from his second retirement at close to 40 and was still one of the best basketball players in the world. A few months ago, Mike Tyson fought eight hard rounds at age 54.

One thing we forget is that these are not regular human beings. They are the outliers, the exceptions to the rule. They are professional athletes who have been training for the entirety of their lives and focus on body conditioning and the development of reflexes as their profession.

Once again, similar to food, the key to exercising as we get older is to be smart about the choices we make and use our God-given common sense. Unless we are competing, working out should be a process of maintenance and functionality. It’s about staying in shape so we can have a better quality of life.

Awareness and Having the Right Information

We cannot avoid what we don’t see coming. It is true in traffic accidents, relationships, work, and everything else. It is why earthquakes are so devastating and the loss of life tremendous. We cannot predict when they will hit, thus making us defenseless.

It isn’t the same with your health. Sure, some diseases arrive at our doorstep at a moment’s notice, and no matter how healthy we eat, how much we sleep, or how conscious we are about our mental health, if it is our time, then it is our time.

But most aren’t. Our bodies are incredibly sophisticated and advanced. As such, they have ways of telling us danger is approaching, and there are changes to be made. Thus, we have to avail ourselves with the right information and speak to healthcare professionals regarding the different things we might be at risk of getting. After all, the last thing we want is to get sick due to ignorance or negligence.

Four of the most important tips to follow as we age are taking care of our sleep, making proper food choices, exercising with intelligence and caution, and being informed. Aside from giving us longevity and keeping us functional, they can also help us lead better, happier, more fulfilling lives.

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