Here’s How to Trick Your Brain to Think Less of Food

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Eating is one of the body’s mechanisms to cope with circumstances. With stressors everywhere, the human body’s instinct is to find a sense of comfort. More often than not, the sight of a mouthwatering dessert becomes so irresistible that you find yourself eating a lot. This is quite normal, but when uncontrolled, it can easily turn into binge eating.

To prevent yourself from falling into this trap, you need to take the following steps. These will drive your mind away from eating.

Drink Lots of Water

Drinking water helps in curbing those unnecessary food cravings. This is a way to trick the brain into thinking that your body no longer needs calories from food.

One study reveals that drinking 500ml of water before a meal helps in reducing calorie consumption by 13%. With this data in mind, now is the best time to start drinking tons of water.

Get Rid of Processed Foods

Between fruits and chips, isn’t it that the latter is more attractive to partake? Indeed, processed foods have been found to trigger more cravings as compared to fruits and other healthy options.

What you can do is to get rid of those high-calorie processed foods. Fill your kitchen with whole grains, peanuts, fruits, and vegetables. Once you do, you’ll see your cravings significantly reduced.

Embrace Gym Time

This may require lots of discipline but it will be worth it. The more time you spend exercising, the lesser your chances of falling into binge eating are. Ensuring that you allot “gym time” every day can greatly help in your journey to eating less.

However, if this isn’t your cup of tea, you can always opt for binge eating disorder treatment programs. These programs have a high rate of success of recovery and are known to make lasting changes.

Try on Smaller Jeans

Here’s the thing; binge eating always results in extra calories, which ultimately leads to a bigger waistline. A smaller pair of jeans is always more accurate than a weighing scale.

The mere thought that you can’t fit in those jeans will motivate you not to give in to your cravings. So every time you think of food, grab those jeans and see if it already fits you. If it doesn’t, then you have all the reason not to eat excessively.

Chat with a Friend

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Try to get your brain occupied with your friend’s chatter whenever you find yourself thinking about food. Grab your phone and talk about your recent trip, new work crush, or the latest comedy show on TV. Talk about anything under the sun. Soon, you’ll find yourself completely forgetting that you were craving for a cheese pizza.

Binge eating is a result of uncontrolled cravings. This overwhelming desire to eat starts from the brain. This is why it’s a matter of getting your brain to think of something else instead of food. Try to drink lots of water, embrace healthy food options, exercise, or talk to a friend. These activities will help divert your attention away from food.

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