How Dieting Can Be Good for Your Health

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With today’s Instagram- and image-centered culture, it is no surprise that many people are seeking different ways to lose weight and become thinner. All around the world, people pour resources into gym memberships or miracle pills in the hope of achieving the perfect figure. Combined with a general trend towards healthy lifestyles, people are increasingly turning to dieting to help them lose weight. In fact, in Orem, Utah, and throughout the country, you’ll find a medical diet (MD) clinic that will make sure you embark on a diet that will help you lose weight without compromising health in the long term. Beyond the desire to look and feel good, here are some more reasons to embark on a life-changing diet plan today:

Improve your mobility

Being overweight or obese adds a lot of additional weight onto your knees and joints, meaning that your lower body has to support the additional load without any extra help. This makes it more difficult for overweight individuals to perform simple tasks such as walking, running, or jumping. Worse, the decrease in mobility weakens your muscles, which only makes it more difficult to support the weight of your body. Over the years, the constant pressure will eventually wear down your knees and joints, leading to osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and other degenerative diseases, which can lead to much physical pain later on in life.

Sleep better

A high amount of body fat in the upper body increases the likelihood of developing sleep apnea. This is due to the fat lessening the space available in your airways and lungs for oxygen to pass through. When you have sleep apnea, there will be moments in your sleep when the airway collapses, cutting off your supply of oxygen. This occurs over and over through the night. Such disruptions can result in poor sleep quality, which in turn can worsen metabolic health and lead to rapid cell aging and an increased risk for chronic diseases.

Boost your immune system

A large quantity of adipose — or fatty — tissues in the body can result in the release of too much immune chemicals. While this is a good thing in times of illness, chronic exposure can affect the body’s ability to differentiate between internal chemical reactions and actual outside viruses and illnesses. This makes you more vulnerable to different kinds of illnesses, even supposedly mild ones such as colds and sinus infections. Hence, losing weight can help restore balance in your body’s hormonal and chemical activity and boost your immune system’s performance against any possible infections.

Stay safe during medical procedures

A high body fat content is associated with increased risks of catheter site infections and postoperative complications. Thus, invasive procedures like surgery are much more dangerous for overweight or obese individuals, even though they are the ones most likely to struggle with health problems that require surgery. Overweight or obese women are also at greater risk of pregnancy complications. They are more than twice as likely to have to undergo a Caesarean-section, and afterward have a higher risk of developing surgical site infections. Generally, large quantities of body fat make recovering from such invasive medical procedures much more difficult. While losing weight can be a challenge at first, getting healthy and fit is definitely worth all the effort. You’d also be amazed at how much better you feel once you start shedding the pounds and living your best life.

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