What Comes With the Dom Perignon Champagne Gift Set?

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In case you plan to offer someone a gift for a special occasion, like Christmas or birthday, a Dom Perignon champagne gift set is a good choice. It might also be a brilliant idea to offer some other item. For example, it is also advisable to include a cork catcher. This small tool will not guard your home, but also those around you when you open the bottle. But they will continue to enjoy the popping sound when the bottle opens.

Another thing you might also need to include in your champagne gift set is a small guide you have prepared by yourself to explain how the champagne should be stored and also how it is prepared and served.

Here are some steps you can consider when creating your mini-guide.

Guidelines on the Way to Store the Champagne

The definite temperature upon which this drink is stored is not important. What you should do is keep it in a place where the temperature does not change much. Therefore, you should not consider storing it near a coolant or an oven. Research about the proper storage of the particular champagne you’re buying. You can also ask the people in the store where you buy them.

Another significant thing to consider during champagne storage is that it should be kept nowhere where the light turns on repeatedly. Storing it under the kitchen lights or direct sunbeams will seriously affect the appearance of the champagne and the taste when you consume it.

Even though storing the champagne was formally horizontal to make sure that its cork does not dry out, this is not the case. You can now store it either vertically or horizontally since the corks used today are more advanced.

Serving and Chilling Champagne Dom Perignon

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When serving champagne, which is a gift of wine of Dom Perignon, be sure to cool it properly. It should be in the refrigerator for not over eight hours before being drunk. Even though you may, if you wish, let it cool for at least three hours, and that should be enough.

However, in case you require cooling the champagne much faster, what you should not do is store it in the freezer. As an alternative, the Dom Perignon sparkling wine bottle should be placed in ice cubes and then filled with an equivalent amount of crushed ice and cold water. Leave the container in that place for approximately 25 to 45 minutes. This will make sure you have gotten the perfect temperature for it to be ready.

Finally, when serving a bottle of Dom Perignon, be sure to use a non-cold champagne flute. If the flute is cold, with the champagne poured, the flute will freeze and, therefore, the colour will not appear with all its beauty. Besides, when serving Champagne in the Dom Perignon gift set, fill the glass with only two-thirds of its capacity. This will ensure your loved ones or the gifts recipients enjoy the champagne to the fullest. These guidelines are very essential they ought to be followed.

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