A Guide to Finding the Best Straw Cowboy Hats

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Cowboy hats are quintessentially an American staple. Defining rural life at its best, cowboy hats might as well have become one of the most effective ambassadors of America to the rest of the world. Especially with the traditional straw hats, this cultural treasure is a wunderkind in today’s modern retail market. Whether they are straw cowboy hats for kids or adults, straw cowboy hats deserve all the love.

Straw Cowboy Hats and Other Cowboy Hats

Cowboy hats are generally classed as straw hats or felt hats. Straw hats, are, of course, the oldest type. Made of straw-like material, straw hats have been an iconic symbol of the Wild West era. Although straw hats have now become more casual, some having intricate designs and tighter weave patterns, they are still the easiest (and lightest) hat accessory that one can grab.

Felt hats, unlike straw hats, were purposely made to protect the wearer from the heat of the day and provide warmth during the night. The thick felt does justice in places where temperatures wildly rise and dip. While straw hats are made of lightweight materials, felt hats are typically made of wool or fur, a reason why the crease on the crown of the hat is more prominent.

Tips When Choosing a Straw Hat

Generally, one can find three types of straw cowboy hats on the market, both for adults and kids. You can find Bangora and work cowboy hats, X-designated cowboy hats, and palm leaf cowboy hats. Although prices are easy to compare, choosing among the three should still depend on your taste and your purpose.

Bangora hats are made using a machine and are very cheap compared to the other types. Of course, they are cheaper than hand-woven straw hats. They are perfect for work on farms or in fields. Normally, these hats are mostly found on the market.

X-type straw hats came about when the need for high-quality straw hats became more imminent. The X designation was used for felt hats. However, since the market can do anything with products, X-type hats reached straw hat producers. Quality increases as the X designation increases. For example, 15X is for hats that do not lose shape when they get wet.

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Palm leaf cowboy hats are hand-woven using materials that can last longer than traditional straw or that of Bangora hats. A key edge of these straw hats is that they can be easily cleaned. Also, they are easy to shape. Just dip them in water, and you can bend them to whatever look you want.

Cowboy hats are like relics of the past that never seem to be affected by modernity. They never go out of style, as long as the wearer as comfortable with one. Typical work hats have more casual and stylish purposes, just enough to still look relevant in modern times. When you buy a straw hat for a partner, a friend, or a child, be wise in your choice. Try the tips mentioned above so that the one you are gifting a hat will be happy about it.

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