Jewelry Finish Categories

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While a lot of people know the exact metals that they want for their jewelry, very few are conversant with the various jewelry finishing options available.

A majority of people either do not know the various options available for jewelry finishing or, they do not know how to explain what finishing they want on their jewelry. The following article highlights various types of jewelry finish types that can be used on women’s gold anklets, to help you decide the type of finish that you want on your anklet.

Polished Finish

This is the most common finishing option for all jewelry categories. It is shiny and reflective and gives your jewelry a glossy new appearance all the time. It is suitable for jewelry pieces that are not exposed to extreme wear and tear, such as anklets, bracelets, and toe rings.

Since polished finish scratches very easily compared to other types of finishes, it is highly recommended that you have it cleaned and polished as per manufacturer’s requirement.

Satin Finish

Satin finishing is the in-between texture of complete matte and polished finishing. While satin can be likened to brush texture, the satin finish does not have clearly displayed wire-brushing formations.

The wire brushing technique is used on satin finishes to lower the jewelry luster and make the item less reflective. This finish is best suited for people who do not like pronounced jewelry, or for jewelry that is exposed to extreme wear and tear.

Brushed Finish

This finishing option is almost similar to satin. However, unlike satin, brushed jewelry depicts clear brush strokes on their texture. As a result, pieces of jewelry with this finish do not easily show scratches making them a perfect option for rings, necklaces, and bracelets. However, they still require cleaning and brushing once in a while to maintain their original texture.

Hammered Finish

Also referred to as hammertone, hammered finish is the most popular option among textured finishes. Hammered jewelry finishes depict a dimpled-like design on the surface of your jewelry. It is made by applying a hammered paint, which is a special lacquer whose surface appears like a hammered metal once the lacquer dries.

The indentations made appear as though the metal was hammered using the normal hammer. The final product has a matte-like finish making it ideal for people who do not like polished looks on their jewelry.

Sandblasted Finish

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This finish has a grainy texture and feels as though your jewelry piece has been rolled on the sand. It has a somewhat vintage appearance making it a perfect wedding ring or wedding band choice for your vintage or rustic themed wedding. Additionally, it does not easily show scratches; thus, it can easily stand wear and tear.

Florentine Finish

This is among the fanciest finishes you will find. Florentine particularly is achieved through the use of cross-hatched patterns on your jewelry piece.

Due to the massive detail of this jewelry piece, it is not done by large machines, but instead, it is done by hand using special tools. Due to the time taken to craft a Florentine finish carefully, the products with this finish are more expensive.

With this guide, you now have an idea of the type of finishes available in the market. This makes it easy for you to get the perfect jewelry from your local jewelry store.

However, before anything else, identify what you need, get a proper description for it, and select the material or metal that you are interested in before visiting your jeweler.

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