A Lot Like Love: What Moisturizing and Loving Have in Common

Moisturizing cream
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A significant number of people have stayed away from moisturizers thinking that it’s something only people with dry skin needs. But moisturizing is a crucial part of our skincare routine, just as much as loving is critical for our existence. Sure, one can live without it, but experiencing it firsthand makes a big difference.

So, if you’re still iffy about buying that moisturizer online, here’s why you should add them to your cart and pay for them right away:

You need to know what works for you

Choosing your romantic partner is not like drawing lots. You need to consider several things, including your values in life, age, health status, sexual chemistry, and so on. That is why we have a list of deal breakers and expectations. You can’t just settle for anyone who’s available because more often than not, you’re creating an unhealthy relationship. That said, you should scrutinize every potential partner that comes along.

The same principle applies when you’re choosing the right moisturizer. You need to know if it is made for your skin type and if it has the right ingredients for your skin. That is why it’s crucial to know the type of moisturizer you need. Skin moisturizers come in different types, which include:

  • humectants—the moisture absorbers
  • emollients—the space fillers
  • ceramides—the moisture retainers
  • occlusives—the moisture sealers

You need to know when to do it

There’s a saying that goes, “Love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely.” It’s short yet precise and powerful. Many relationships have failed because one or both are not ready to be in one? They merely felt lonely one day and thought that being in a relationship would cut it.

In moisturizing, you also need to know when your skin is ready for it. If you apply it too late, your skin could have already lost a lot of moisture, making the application useless. Do it too early and it will be a waste of time and moisturizer. According to experts, these are the best times to apply moisturizer:

  • Immediately after washing your face
  • In the morning
  • Before bedtime
  • Before and after your flight
  • Right after taking a shower
  • When there’s an acne breakout
  • When you’re not wearing makeup
  • Before wearing makeup at night

Both help make you look young

One of the benefits of being in love is that your stress is significantly reduced. Love affects our hormones in different, mostly positive, ways. Oxytocin and vasopressin, for example, interact with dopamine, the so-called happy hormone. Oxytocin is the hormone for sexual desire while the latter helps control blood pressure. The level of stress hormone, cortisol, is also observed to drop in people who are in long-term relationships. While these do not explicitly state that loving in itself makes you look young, we all know what stress can do to our appearance.

Moisturizers, when applied correctly, also help us enjoy a youthful appearance. Our skin needs moisture to repair itself and moisturizers provide that. It also lets the younger skin cells to rise to the surface, giving that youthful glow.

Both reduce problems

Woman putting moisturizing cream on face

Love reduces stress because it decreases our stress response, knowing that we have someone we can run to and lean on. Maybe love does not reduce the problems per se, but it does make dealing with challenges easier.

Moisturizers help our skin get rid of dryness and/or oiliness, which are both harmful to the skin as they can cause acne, blemishes, and other problems. If you want to look young and reduce your skin problems, keep on loving and don’t forget to moisturize. Just make sure you’re doing it at the right time and the right reasons. Finally, choose one that suits you best.

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