A Rundown on Dermal Fillers

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Under-eye circles and thinning lips. Smile lines and sagging cheeks. Wrinkles in the wrong places. These are inevitable changes you will see in the mirror, and some are already too bothersome to ignore. A rigorous skincare routine that works could allow for only minimal signs of aging to show in your forties.

Nevertheless, there will be loss of volume that cannot be avoided as you gain wisdom and years.

Volume loss

You can look more rested and energized with the right non-surgical facelift procedure in Salt Lake City. Lines and wrinkles can be straightened, but how do you make up for lost volume? Your dermatologist could have mentioned dermal fillers.

Perhaps, you should start learning more about what they can do for you.

Temporary solutions

Woman getting fillers on her forehead

Fillers are gel-like substances designed to improve facial contour. Yet, they won’t last forever. They aren’t meant to keep up appearances for more than six months on average. Others can benefit from a specific product for as long as one year and a half.

When the natural lifespan of the filler is reached, you must see your dermatologist for another bout of treatment. Three main factors determine the length of time you can benefit from dermal fillers – the area of treatment, the product, and confounding factors unique to the person.

It is important to recognize this limitation. Fillers offer temporary relief from the visible effects of time.

Synthetic filler

Aging results in thinning out of tissue. Dermal fillers fill the hollow areas and stretch out deepening lines on the face. Some products offer longer results, but they are synthetic. The material used to make them are not absorbed by the body.

The aesthetic choices you make today should somehow coincide with a future you have yet to see. If there is any conflict, you’d only regret investing time and resources in a treatment you cannot commit to — a word of caution for people considering synthetic products.

Know what you want, learn the full consequences of the choice you make, and commit fully.

Biostimulatory fillers

Dermal fillers injection

Facial rejuvenation is at an all-time high. Innovative brands are adding more to the list of solutions for both men and women. Some filler products function beyond serving as place holders. The ones known as biostimulatory fillers affect bodily processes slowed down by natural aging.

Aside from the obvious plumpness that results from a biostimulatory filler injection, these products serve as a catalyst for collagen and elastin growth. They can boost the natural processes that lift your features and results in a full appearance associated with youth.

Nevertheless, much needs to be studied about the extent by which biostimulatory fillers hike up collagen and elastin production, as well as the long-term effects of these substances.

Let a cosmetic surgeon fill you in

Dermal fillers do not require you to undergo surgery to induce a few changes in facial appearance. You only have to reconcile with the idea that the product comes with a syringe. As we have emphasized, the modifications induced are mostly temporary.

Yet, you have to work with a cosmetics expert in figuring out which product is ideal for your needs. 

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