Happy Vibes: Three Science-backed Reasons You Should Smile More

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Have you ever heard of the saying, “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight?” If you look at hundreds of studies about smiling, you’ll conclude that this proverb is actually true. According to science, these are the ways your beaming pearly whites make all things right:

They reduce stress.

You can cover up stress to a certain extent when you smile. But the positive effect goes beyond the surface. It is not just a temporary solution to the tension showing off in your face. It can literally, physiologically improve moods. When you smile, the movement of the facial muscles produce endorphins, the hormones responsible for making you feel good. This rush of body chemicals causes positive feelings, which alleviate the stress.

You do not have to flash a genuine, sincere smile. Even a fake one can activate those chemicals producing that feel-good effect. Moreover, smiling is contagious. It goes back to you when you give it. This can put you in a positive state again. Try it yourself. If you do not want to force it out, though, and look like a fool, watch some cat videos online or babies making funny faces during your work break. Smile away that stress.

They make you look younger.

In one notable study years back, participants were asked to guess the age of the people they see in photos that were given to them. The images were of people who had happy, neutral, angry, and other expressions. The participants perceived the smiling face as younger than the other expressions of the same person. They also judged the happy faces as two years younger on average than the real age. That said, you should smile often.

Aside from anti-aging skincare regimens, you can consider dental treatments, too. Veneers can enhance the appearance of your pearly whites. Invisalign can help straighten your teeth. Of course, do not neglect the medical problems. Fix the decay, and stop the gum disease. You can even go for wisdom teeth removal in Taylorsville, Utah. Most dentists recommend it. It is not easy to pull off a nice, youthful smile when you are aching in pain, isn’t it?

They improve the immune system.

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Aside from endorphins, smiling also helps release the neurotransmitters called serotonin. This chemical plays an important role in your body’s defense system. Other studies document this correlation between happiness and stronger immunity. In one experiment, participants who smile and laugh at humorous videos, for instance, were less likely to get a cold. Or when they do, the symptoms are less severe than those of other people whose happiness levels weren’t that high. If you want to stay strong and keep yourself protected from viruses and sickness, you can consider smiling more often, aside from washing your hands before eating and taking vitamin supplements.

Smiling indeed sets everything straight. From life drama, the reality of old age, down to sicknesses, it makes things right. Therefore, you should mile often. Smile freely. Smile more.

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