Are You a Victim of These Time-wasters?

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It’s stressful just to think of planning your week to accomplish everything you have on your checklist. The little surprises you encounter along the way also make it hard to stick to your schedule. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could streamline your activities so that you’re only doing the essentials instead of letting time-consuming surprises dictate your day?

Unfortunately, there are important tasks that you can’t get rid of even if they take too much time. Still, you can be smarter in the way you do them.


Every woman enjoys the feeling of having freshly shaved legs. You just want to show them off, and you can by wearing flattering skirts or dresses. However, when you have the opposite situation and the hair has started to grow back, you suddenly have fewer outfit choices. You’ll want to hide them as much as you can, and this might take more time in the morning than you’d care to admit. Most women in Utah already deal with this through laser hair removal, which needs to be done less frequently than shaving. The hair also grows back finer, so you can get away with a short growth without having to hide your legs from the world.

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Cooking for One

It’s healthier to cook for yourself, but cooking is more fun when there are other people to share the food with. It doesn’t help that cooking for one still needs all the effort of preparing the ingredients and the actual cooking that you would need to do when you’re preparing a bigger batch. When you’re eating by yourself, it’s more convenient to just let other people prepare the food for you.

A good way to get around this is to cook a large batch, portion them, and freeze for the week. Your effort goes a long way because you’ll do it less often and on some days when you’re tired from work, you just have to pop in one of your make-ahead meals into the oven to reheat it. You can also turn it into a social affair by meal prepping with a group of friends. Each person will prepare one dish with enough servings for everyone, then you trade with each other. This way, you will not be eating the same thing every day, but you only have to cook once or twice.

Weekly Bathroom Cleaning

Now, don’t get this wrong. You should be cleaning your bathroom regularly to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. However, when you let dirt accumulate for a whole week then devote your Saturday morning to cleaning the bathroom, you’re wasting time. The better and more efficient way of cleaning is to do it while you’re in the shower. Scrub the floor as you’re rinsing so that the water you use can wash away all the gunk that would build up and make the floor slippery otherwise. Use a trap to prevent hairs from clogging the drains, and let air circulate around the bathroom to prevent the growth of mold. Wipe down the shower curtains as well.

Whatever time-waster you have right now, there are ways to deal with them better. It may require that you make some changes or reach out to other people, but the results are worth it.

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