Be Unexpected: Surprising a Friend by Showing Your Appreciation

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Your friends are the family you have chosen for yourself. They are the people who have seen you smile and cry. They celebrate their victories with you. Similarly, you are always there for them. Their companionship is something that you treasure and appreciate. There are times when you want to show your love for them, but you think you are being held back by your supposed lack of creativity. Right now, you may be thinking of something to surprise them, whether it is their birthday or they have hit a milestone in life.

Remember, however, that surprising your friends does not always require a specific occasion. If you are thinking of doing this, make sure that you know the likes, interests, and pet peeves of your friend. That way, you can easily decide on the item that you can surprise them with. Nevertheless, here are some thought starters for you:

A Personalised Leather Item

If you want to give your friend something that they will remind them of you, better make it leather. Leather can last a long time, and when they use what you gave them, they will remember you. A leather wallet, notebook cover, money clip, bag, or leather tool roll are some suitable examples. Make it personalised by having their name engraved in the leather.

A Great Wine

Your friend may be an aspiring sommelier, and they love a bottle of good wine. They may be hosting wine parties at their home, or they love making charcuterie from scratch. If you want to excite them, why not send them champagne? They will surely love it!

A Fancy Dinner Date

fancy dinner tableFrom time to time, you and your friend go out and have dinner. But this time around, you may want to make it fancy. Book a reservation at a fancy restaurant close to their work. An elegant dinner with a best friend may be something that you have in your bucket list, and if you pull this off, you can tick off one item on your list. Cap off the night with a flavourful dessert and some spirits

A Ticket to an Event

Maybe your friend is a long-time fan of a classical artist or a K-Pop group. Or they are perhaps a fan of musical theatre. This may sound like a stretch for many, but if you have a budget for it, why not do it? You can give them the ticket ahead of time, as your friend might have decided to buy that concert ticket.

The friendship and love that your friends have showered you are something that you treasure. You know that these people will stick with you through thick and thin. You also understand that deep in your heart that you should make it known that you also care for them. That is why you should surprise them with something that they love, even if it is not their birthday. The magic of surprise happens when your friend receives your gift at a time they expect the least.

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