Can You Get a Golf Cart for Your Family?

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Golf carts today are not the same as the original golf carts that started decades ago. Today, you can get a golf cart that can sit anywhere from 4 or 6 people and can be used by families everywhere. They are street-legal today, with mirrors, seatbelts, and turn signals. As long as someone with a driver’s license is driving and the golf cart goes at least 25 mph, then they can be used in parts of Colorado.

For many families, this is a great option to run quick errands around the neighborhood, and you can purchase them easily from a local golf cart dealership. While there isn’t a tax credit for this golf cart, they are still electric or gas, depending on which type you choose to purchase.

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These golf carts are now driven by kids around neighborhoods in the area, and make a great addition to your home. Some families have opted to get these golf carts as family purchases instead of a new vehicle because of all the places they can use them around town to run errands. Colorado isn’t the only state where golf carts are taking over and families can make purchases from a local golf cart dealership.

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