COVID-19 Wedding Etiquette: Should I Attend or Decline?

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As couples worldwide face the many challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are still braving the storms just to tie the knot, while others choose to postpone and resume only when things are back to normal. While there is no certainty when the coronavirus will be over, there is no stopping couples in love. It might be tricky to find the right move as couples face options as they wad through their wedding plan process.

There is plenty to consider when planning a wedding, especially in the middle of a pandemic crisis. Couples are filled with questions concerning potential obstacles that may arise during their big day. Should they reschedule? How many guests are invited? Should it be inside a church or an open wedding venue? No matter what the choices are, it is better to have a concrete COVID-19 wedding plan that will keep everyone safe.

So what if you got invited to a wedding? Should you come or politely decline? As more weddings pushed through this pandemic season, being informed about the right health protocols in a wedding ceremony will help reduce the risk while making sure everyone is in a celebratory mood. With this in mind, this article will show you the basic wedding etiquette to follow during a pandemic. Learn from these lessons to ensure a joyful journey for the couple.

Asking for wedding details

When attending any event or celebration, most people consider asking too many details as taboo. Although couples provide the details of the ceremony through the invitation, email, social media, or any form of communication, there may be times certain information is missing or not available yet.

There is no shame when making inquiries ahead of the ceremony, as long as you do it with politeness and respect. But instead of sending texts, it is better to ask through a phone call. What’s great about making phone calls is it takes into account the words and tones you use while explaining your inquiry or situation.

You may also consider raising the concern to close family members or someone who is a part of the wedding ceremony. Of course, it is typical for marrying couples to be very busy or overwhelmed during the planning, and the last thing you want is to be another burden for them.

Although there are some weddings with no specific guest cutoff, it is essential to be wary about the number of guests coming. The more people, the riskier it will be. When you have the chance to ask for wedding details, don’t forget to ask about the venue, whether they will hold it indoors or outdoors, and the number of guests.

The safety standard for weddings during a pandemic is an outdoor ceremony, where guests wear a mask at all times while following measures for hand washing and social distancing. Having an outdoor component is very important since COVID-10 easily spreads in indoor venues with lower humidity levels.

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Observing proper distance

If the wedding ceremony appears to be risky, you have the option to change your approach while appearing polite. If you find yourself uncomfortable, stand a little farther from the crowd without compromising the view of the ceremony.

But if you really cannot make it, ask the couples if they provide a virtual option for the wedding. Most couples provide a live stream of their in-person wedding ceremony via streaming platforms, such as Zoom. Choosing the virtual option works best for high-risk guests or those uncomfortable attending public events during a pandemic.

The riskiest part of a wedding starts at the reception. It is where alcohol flows abundantly while guests take off their masks while eating or dancing. If this bothers you, try mingling or dancing in a less crowded area, dining separately at one table with close family members, or giving a polite excuse before making an early exit.

Declining an invitation

There is nothing wrong when declining an invitation to a wedding ceremony. After all, health should come first before the wedding etiquette. Sadly, most couples opt to move forward with their wedding plans amid the pandemic without realizing not all people are willing to attend.

Being a guest at a wedding is indeed an honor, as it means you take a special role in the couple’s relationship, and they deeply care about you. Still, the couple must respect a guest’s decision when making a choice that involves their health. But after declining, don’t forget to express your gratitude and well wishes for the couple. You may also send gifts by mailing them to their address.

While it has been a hard time for many couples to plan their weddings during this pandemic, it is also vital to ensure the safety of the guests while having a great time. Knowing all the right health and safety measures is the secret to enjoying a safe and harmonious wedding union.

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