Do it in Style: Dressing Up Your Kids

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Millennial parents are often perceived to be practical. They have their own ways to take care of their kids, knowing that kids born in this generation have different needs. They allow their kids to express themselves freely. And this is somehow inspired by the fact that a lot of millennial parents are actually into fashion. They like expressing themselves through the clothes they wear. For them, fashion is a projection of one’s aesthetics and confidence. This is something that they truly want their kids to understand. Regardless, you cannot keep one parent from actually styling up their kids. They are taking advantage of the fact that kids do not yet have a solid sense of style. And while kids are in this slate, parents fulfill the duty of making sure that the kids look presentable and confident.

You may have a teen or a ten-year-old who already knows how to dress up by themselves. But if you want to inject some sense of style to their ensemble, you need to keep a few things in mind. You should not just barge into their room, demanding that they should wear this or that. That will just start an argument. Here are some of the pointers you may want to keep in mind:

Gauge their Budding Sense of Style

Your kids may not have yet a definite sense of style. They may be at the stage where they are experimenting or they do not just care at all. Nevertheless, you can see that they are developing their aesthetics, which is a good thing. When you have somehow sensed that they are donning something they think looks good, you ought to encourage them to go on. Suggest some pieces that will complement their look; you should not change their planned looks at all. For one, if your boy likes the looks they see on Hypebeast or High Snobeity, you may give them a boys’ Spyder jacket that they can also use for winter. If your teenaged girl favors power dressing, you may give them a properly tailored blazer.

Encourage Them to Try Something New


When you think that your kid does not have any sense of style at all, you may want to encourage them to try something outside their comfort zone. You should explain to them that styling themselves up is a form of self-expression. However, do not force them to wear something they do not want. Just let them. Sooner or later, they will start developing their own personal style.

Always Prioritize Comfort Over Style

Your kids are still kids. And sometimes, fashion is not their thing. Just accept it. What matters most is that they are confident with whatever they wear. Always make sure that you prioritize comfort over style.

Styling your kid should not be done strictly. You ought not to impose what you think is right or beautiful. Your kids may not have yet a solid sense of fashion, but they can feel when they are being condescended to. Be careful of the words you say and trust your kid’s judgment.

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