Getting to the Roots of Your Hair Loss Problem

Blonde girl worried about hair loss
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A loss of 80 strands of hair a day may not mean much to someone who has thick locks of hair. However, for a man or woman who deals with daily hair loss, it can be a catastrophe. Hair loss or excessive daily shedding with minimal hair growth can be a tragedy. Fortunately, there are a few things you can to do prevent things from turning from bad to worse.

Choose wisely the products you put on your hair

Many products you will see on the supermarket shelves are targeting hair regrowth. If you have heard of Argan oil shampoo in the Philippines and products containing essential oils for hair growth such as lavender and rosemary. These essential oils affect hair at a deeper level, and these natural oils are favored for their growth and protective effects. They have regenerative and balancing effects that many have cited. So, you have been using brands with synthetic ingredients? It’s time to try out a natural alternative to promote hair growth.

Use the right tools for grooming

Some forms of hair loss are genetic, but reactive hair loss exists as well. For many, internal triggers such as stress, nutritional deficiency, and hormonal imbalance can be the culprit. Whatever the cause, you must take better care of the hair still on your head. For starters, take a break from chemical processing. If you have been used to bleaching and hair coloring, take a break from your favorite hair salon except for the occasional trim.

An already weakened hair shaft cannot take any more strain, which accompanies chemical processing. Similarly, you’d have to refrain from using a curling iron or a hair straightener—any tool that uses high heat. If you’re used to using a blow dryer ditch it for a time and let hair dry naturally until your hair recovers.

Also, you’d have to rethink your combing and brushing methods. Find a brush consisting of natural fibres, and use only a soft brush. Brush methodically and daily to promote sebum production and cuticle growth.

Explore nutritional supplements

Foods rich in Biotin

When the clumps of hair on the shower drain are starting to bug you, it’s smart to reconsider your diet as well. Hair growth requires specific nutrients that come from your food intake. Your daily diet might be lacking in vitamin B complex, vitamin D, iron, zinc, and niacin, to name a few. Biotin is another important nutrient for hair growth. It strengthens the strand as well. Ask a nutritionist for advice on the best food sources for these nutrients, or you can take supplements from over the counter. With sufficient nutrients, new hair will grow, and the strands on your head would be longer and stronger.

Lastly, it might be relevant to talk to your doctor about suffering from excessive daily hair loss. As mentioned above, reactive hair loss is caused by a trigger, which may be psychological or physiological. it’s best to see a physician to know if you have an undiagnosed condition manifesting hair loss as a symptom. Now is the time to get the story straight, and they can help you target the problem with the appropriate solution.

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