How You Can Care for Your Skin While Traveling

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Going from one city to another, an island to another island, can be enjoyable. It teaches you a lot about other places, and you get to meet new people. But all that fun can vanish the instant you take a good look at your skin under the bathroom lighting’s strength. The effects of spending hours thousands of feet above the ground can really wreak havoc on your skin. Couple that with spending unmonitored time basking under the sun and adjusting to different weathers based on where you go.

The last thing you want is to look tired in your travel pictures. Your permanent makeup and travel outfit will look more on point if your skin agrees.

How does flying affect your skin?

Maybe the folks who dislike flying have a reason behind their feelings about riding planes. They might be in-the-know about how flying affects our skin, or they might be afraid of the scenarios they create in their heads.

It sucks the moisture out of your skin

The bitterly cold, dry air inside aircraft really isn’t the best type of air to expose your skin to. The longer you’re inside the cabin, the dryer and thirstier your skin gets. You can reduce the dryness by applying a good layer of moisturizer before boarding, but for long-haul flights, make sure you pack your skincare products in your hand carry.

You still get sunburnt inside

Yes, you’re inside an aircraft with metal over your head. But that doesn’t mean you’re protected from the sun’s harmful rays. In fact, you’re even closer to the sun itself because you’re high up.

Airplane windows can’t completely block UV rays and protect your skin from damage. So, make sure you lather on your sunscreen after your moisturizer before boarding. Reapply as necessary, of course.

You get greasier

We said that planes dry your skin up, but if you read enough about skincare, you know that excessive dryness leads to oiliness. Your skin tries to hydrate when it’s dehydrated by producing more oils. To kick the grease away, slather on your moisturizer.

You have eye bags

When you travel long-haul by air, you can still have bags under your eyes even if you sleep throughout the flight’s duration. This is because flying impedes blood flow and pushes fluid to seep into other places, such as those under your eyes.

To avoid this, you can walk around mid-flight to get your blood flowing to the right places.

How can you care for your skin?

While the dry cabins, recycled air, and low humidity inside airplanes do considerable damage, you can blame other factors such as sun exposure, not having enough sleep, and adjusting to weather as the sources of skin problems when you’re traveling.

But think about it, you can also be at fault because you might be neglecting your skin while you’re enjoying the best days of your life, which isn’t exactly hard to understand. So, you should keep your skincare necessities with you when you’re out traveling, as this will help you avoid both short- and long-term effects of jet-setting on your skin.

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Here’s how you can assure your skin stays healthy and clean wherever you go:

1. Be a consistent washer.

While washing your face is a piece of obvious advice, we’re sure you’ve had moments where you remember to do it but choose not to because you’re too tired and want to hit the sack. Avoiding the chance to wash your face after a long day can kick you off the track of your skincare routine, and you’re also allowing pollutants and dirt to stay longer.

2. Wipe and wash your makeup off.

Like washing after the day’s activities are over, getting rid of makeup on your skin is also a way to avoid breakouts. The products you put on there in the morning played a significant role in accumulating dirt. So, wipe it off with a good makeup remover, and wash your face.

3. Protect your skin from the sun.

Off or on the ground, the sun still has ways of finding your skin and damaging it if you’re not using protection. The best way to protect your skin from sun damage is to use the right type of sunscreen with enough SPF. What more? Reapplication is the key to making it work. The amount you lathered before you went out won’t last until lunchtime when the sun’s at its harshest and highest.

With this knowledge in mind, caring for your skin won’t be so difficult when you’re on the way to somewhere to enjoy yourself.

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