Layout Options for Hostel Rooms

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While every teenager and adult cannot wait to move out of home, many are stuck there because of the high cost of rental apartments nowadays. Commuting from home to school for them is not only tiring, but it also curbs their freedom. Although most know that hostels are an ideal alternative for their accommodation, few students want them. They assume that these are long halls that are full of beds and students and that feel nothing like home; they would rather deal with the inconvenience of living at home.

Hostels are not just a type of cheap accommodation for students based in London but are now also focused on comfort. Hence, you should not be fooled into assuming that the low cost of hostel accommodation means poor accommodation standards. There are now spacious rooms you can choose for your accommodation that can house two to four people. Moreover, there are also single-person rooms for those looking for privacy. The floor space you will be left with largely depends on how you and your roommates will choose to arrange your room. The following are a few layout options that work for most hostel rooms:

Privacy Layouts

small hostel room

These feature simple ways of creating a private area for all roommates. Most hostel rooms include loft beds and study desks for the occupants. This way, a person has a small corner of a room to themselves with minimal disturbance from others. The beds are adequately spaced to afford each roommate personal space. If your room is too small for this arrangement, put your study desks side by side and have dividers in between much like office cubicles. You can also use wardrobes and dressers to divide the room into distinct spaces.

Social Layouts

These are aimed at creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests. You can ‘’butt’’ the ends of your beds together to create ready-made sitting areas and have the dressers and desks next to the beds for the placement of snacks. An area rug will charm the room while some pillows will provide extra seating space.

Feng Shui Layouts

Feng Shui denotes the Chinese spatial arrangement art that works for single rooms. The space near the window is seen as one that is full of energy and should not be disrupted by the placement of items. The beds are placed far away from the window while the study desks can be placed below the window, provided they do not block any of its light. You can place other furniture at interesting angles rather than shove it on the wall to create an intimate space.

Functional Layouts

These focus on providing the best study atmosphere. The study desks will generally be arranged together in the middle of your room to create a place where you can discuss your assignments. The beds, on the other hand, are lined along the walls.

With the layouts presented above, your hostel room will be one that truly feels like home. A few hostel rooms have their furniture bolted to the floor, but you can still find a way of adding interesting angles to the furniture arrangement. Even when arranging, make sure that you stick to the hostel rules to avoid a penalty.

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