Lose Your Small Apartment Blues

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If you happen to live in a small apartment in Salt Lake City, you’ll know how comfy and cozy it can be. Plus, the rent’s cheaper, so you can save more money in the meantime. However, living in a small apartment also has disadvantages. For one, it’s easy to lose some space. If you want to add new furniture or equipment, you’ll have to rearrange the entire place to make it work.

You can hire a professional interior designer in Salt Lake City to help you redesign your place. They can maximize the living space for both curb appeal and functionality.

On the other hand, you can still try some DIY ideas to revamp your small apartment. Here are some pro tips and tricks from experts:

TIP #1: Emphasize Separate Spaces

With a small apartment, it’s easy to mix your bedroom with your kitchen, and your kitchen with your living space. It’s even easier if it’s a studio-type apartment where there are no walls to divide certain areas. As much as possible, define these separate spaces and their functions. For example, you can position your sofa on the foot of your bed to define where the living space begins.

Tip #2: Go for White Walls and Ceilings

If you can, paint the walls and the ceiling white. Or you can use peel-off white wallpapers if you can’t paint them. The idea is to make the walls white as it brightens the space. It also gives the illusion of a bigger room as the edges are disguised.

Tip #3: Add light-colored floorings, as well

You can use wall decors and paintings to break the monotonous feel of a white wall. Don’t be afraid to use splashes of colors–especially bright and vivid ones.

Tip #4: Open Windows

opening a window

As much as possible, let natural light in. If you can widen the windows, it may be best to have it renovated. If you can’t, open the windows during the day, and add more light fixtures during the night. A brighter space will make a huge difference.

Tip #5: Use Height to Your Advantage

If your apartment has a high ceiling, you can use that to your advantage and create a loft bed. You can then use the extra floor area to give more space to your kitchen and dining area or for a living space.

You can even use the stairs leading to your bedroom into storage areas for your clothes since you’ll likely have less space for a dresser anyway. Or, you can turn them into shelves.

Tip #5: Take Advantage of Dual-Purpose and Foldable Furniture

Have you seen a bed that you can fold and can turn into a sofa? Or a table that you can fold and hide in the wall? Or perhaps a hollow ottoman that acts as a storage area?

Double-purpose and foldable furniture can help you maximize every inch of your small apartment. You’ll have less furniture, or you can stow them away for more space once you’re done using them.


Living in a small apartment doesn’t mean you should be uncomfortable. It also shouldn’t limit your options when it comes to interior design. Get the help of a pro or use these tricks to make your space a lot more cozy and trendy.

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