Mouth Maintenance: Fine Food Items to Eat for Your Dental Health

Old man eating an apple
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When people think of caring for one’s teeth, they usually bring to mind the acts of brushing and flossing every day. While these activities are important, there are also other ways of taking care of your oral health. Taking note of and controlling the food that we eat, for one, is a large part of it. We’re often told that we shouldn’t eat too many sweets because the sugar will ruin our teeth. Thankfully, if there’s food that can destroy our health, there’s definitely some that can help maintain and restore it. These are some of the best food items for your teeth:

Dairy Products

While not quite in the same way as fruits and vegetables, we’re told that dairy products are also healthy. Milk, for instance, is deeply encouraged as a drink for both babies and adults as it is a great source of calcium. Other than that, cheese, a product made from milk, also has high levels of that mineral. Not only that, but it can also introduce a certain pH level in our mouths that prevents tooth decay from happening. Yogurt is also a derivative that’s both nutritious and fun to eat. With all these benefits, nothing is stopping you from buying yourself some Wisconsin artisan cheese.

girl holding an apple with cheese cubes

An Apple a Day…

We hear that saying all the time. While that isn’t meant to be taken literally, eating apples has health benefits. You may not know it, but the fruit is also great for dental health. Fibrous fruits are known to help maintain the cleanliness of our teeth not just in front but also in those hard-to-reach corners. They can also encourage salivation and prevent the spread of bacteria in the mouth. Eating citrus fruits is also known to release some of the best bacteria-fighting juices, so you can have yourself a healthy and clean mouth while enjoying the taste. Of course, they’re rich in vitamin C, which is good for our immune system and helps us fight back against those nasty organisms.

Green, Leafy Veggies

Do you remember when you were taught to finish your “greens” before dessert? It’s kind of annoying, but as we grew up we started to realize how important it was. Now we know that they help with digestion, preventing disease, and reducing the chance of getting cancer. They’re also good for our teeth as in the case of spinach and kale. They’re known to be great sources of calcium, which is needed to maintain the strength of our teeth. Finding it hard to introduce them to your meals? Be creative by finding new ways and recipes such as smoothies or adding them next to meat or fish. Not only will you be able to eat them, but they’ll also be easier for you to absorb.

As the saying goes, “You are what you eat.” That means what we introduce to our bodies are what make us decide whether we’re healthy or in need of medical attention. Although these kinds of food can benefit your dental health, you should still have a regular dental checkup. You still need expert advice and assistance in case you have problems other than simple maintenance.

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