Podcast Ideas That Can Get Your Audience to Notice You This Fall

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Fall is often just a prelude to winter. Nobody notices it’s the fall except for the Black Friday sale. We go through this season preparing for winter. It lasts only for a month or two, which makes people overlook all the goodness that the season has to offer.

In recent years, podcasts have been such a hit for young urban dwellers. These young professionals listen to podcasts that relate to their interests and passions. They listen to political commentaries and opinions about the economy. These podcasts are like their friends. They listen to them while they’re running on the treadmill in the gym. These podcasts blast through their speakers in the car when they are stuck in traffic.

But more than anything else, these podcasts helped a lot of people during this pandemic. Podcast creators have become so effective and creative that they talked about topics ranging from women in sports, the role of animal therapy during a health crisis, and activities kids in quarantine can enjoy. Now that fall is almost here, you can expect that some podcasts will talk about the calmness of the season. What better way to talk about the concept of staying home than when you literally don’t want to take a step outside your home because the wind is getting a bit chilly?

Pandemic at Fall

So here it is. The year is almost over and yet, no one knows what these last months will hold. Is there going to be a vaccine? Can people finally spend time together? Can you guy your grandparent without getting paranoid that you could infect her? The pandemic made things very strange in the past six months. It’s about time that people talk about how things are looking up.

Based on the news, a vaccine can emerge before the year ends. That’s how things stand today. So, what are some of your plans when and if the vaccine finally puts everyone out of their miseries? Planning things in a world without coronavirus is something everyone wants to talk about.

Sales, Sales, Sales

Autumnn is all about things going on sale. You know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But how about clothes, shoes, and accessories? You can get an Obermeyer ski jacket on sale early in the season because big blowout sales for last season’s winter clothing happens early fall. Unless you are aiming to get your hands on brand-new laptops and mobile phones, you can get them for a discounted price even before the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

A podcast episode can talk about the sales happening in the local area. And the speakers should not just talk about the items on sale. They should give tips on how to get more bang for your buck. Everyone needs to learn some practical shopping tips, so podcasts can invite professional discount shoppers to share some tricks.

Audio Drama

listening to stories

Why not make a short drama to air on a podcast? Think Autumn in New York, Sweet November, and You’ve Got Mail. These are cool films that maximized the beauty of the season in their settings. A short film that’s set during autumn is the perfect podcast to listen to during this time.

Plenty of dramas have been successful in podcasts in recent years. The best thing about an audio drama is you don’t need to give it your full attention. You can listen to this drama on your way to work. You can even listen to it as you do your grocery shopping.


Forget about a drama. Do a comedy instead. Life has especially been hard these past six months. Why make it harder by airing a cryfest of a podcast? A comedy will take away the blues of the past months and make everyone look forward to what the future holds. For now, at least, a podcast should try to be a source of comfort.

It’s challenging, of course, to make people laugh without visuals. A podcast needs talented comedians to tell a story or a skit. Who said you cannot talk about the pandemic in a comedy show? Make it fun. Comment satirically on government policies. More than anything else, the people deserve something to smile at.

There’s just something about the fall season that makes a lot of people nostalgic, right? With the way things have been going lately, podcasts can use this season to remind people to be grateful and to appreciate the small things in life. Silly little things like getting that jacket you’ve been eyeing for 50% off is something you can be happy about. These days, happy things feel so out of reach that a podcast topic can save the day.

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