10 Ways to Assist Seniors with Grooming

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Grooming is important to all adults, but it’s especially important for seniors. With age comes health problems and limited mobility, so sometimes even the most basic tasks become difficult. If your loved one needs help with grooming, there are many ways you can assist them.

1. Wash Your Loved One’s Hair

If you notice your loved one has problems with their vision or hands, it may be difficult to wash their own hair. If you love helping out, this is a great way to provide assistance!

Be careful not to wet your loved one’s neck if they are unable to lift their head very well. This may put unnecessary stress on the neck.

2. Help Wash Sensitive Areas of the Body

Seniors can have sensitive skin issues, so it’s best to use non-irritating soap when washing them. You can help your loved one by using extra care when washing sensitive body areas, such as around the genitals or breasts.

Be gentle and avoid scrubbing these delicate areas to help prevent skin irritation.

3. Use a Warm Towel to Help with Drying off

Taking a shower can help your loved ones feel refreshed and clean, but it can be difficult for them to get dried off afterward. Using a warm towel is an easy way to assist in drying off, especially if your loved one has problems gripping things.

Be careful not to apply too much pressure while rubbing the body dry — it may agitate their sensitive skin or cause discomfort.

4. Trim Your Loved One’s Nails

Keeping nails trimmed is important because long nails make it difficult for seniors to move about properly, and they can even hurt bed sheets during sleep! If you notice your loved one’s nails are getting too long, offer to help clip them.

To avoid mistakes, use nail clippers designed for seniors  — they are specially designed to accommodate the fact that their hands may lack strength or dexterity.

5. Assist with Shaving

Your loved one may have trouble shaving certain areas of their face, so you can help out by shaving those spots for them!

If they are unable to see or grab things well due to low vision or arthritis, they can have trouble with this task even if they are still capable of doing it themselves.

6. Pick Cosmetics That Are Easy to Use

Many seniors prefer using easy-to-use products rather than complicated ones because it takes longer for them to do their makeup or shave. You can help your loved ones by picking out their cosmetics for them!

Try to stay away from products with a lot of chemicals. If you can’t find any organic options, stick to hypoallergenic cosmetics that are free of harsh chemicals such as sulfates.

7. Help Apply Lotion or Makeup

If your loved one has trouble applying makeup on their own, it may be difficult for them to get all the spots they need to cover — especially for items like sunscreen. Rather than making things even more difficult, offer some assistance and apply it to them yourself!

Be careful not to over-apply anything that’s scented; some seniors have sensitive skin, and any added fragrances can cause irritation.

8. Assist with Combing Hair

If your loved one has thinning or fine hair, it may be difficult for them to handle the task of combing their own hair. If you’re up to the challenge, why not take over this grooming task and help them out!

Be sure to use a wide-toothed comb when possible. The teeth should be spaced far enough apart that they don’t snag the hair strands. Also, make sure there are no sharp knobs on the comb; any jagged edges can get caught in the hair and cause damage.

9. Hire Professionals to Help with Grooming

Nurse helping a senior on monitoring he blood sugar

If your loved one needs help with grooming, take matters into your own hands! One way to provide them with the needed assistance is to hire professionals. You can find the right caregivers with the help of expert senior living advisors.

Professional caregivers are trained in assisting seniors with grooming to provide them with the best care. Additionally, hiring professionals helps your loved one feel cared for and helps relieve you of having to do everything on your own.

10. Get Creative With Assistive Devices and Tools

There are so many helpful and creative gadgets and tools out there that can make grooming easier for seniors! You can find devices such as hand-powered toothbrushes or combs to assist your loved one with personal hygiene.

Be sure to shop around for functional, easy-to-use products — otherwise, they may go unused and be a waste of money! Also, consider purchasing items like dressing sticks or teachers; these can help improve independence within the home.

There are many ways to assist seniors with grooming, and it’s important that we make sure they stay healthy and look good. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry — there are plenty of helpful tips in this article.

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