The Top Wedding Themes of 2019

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Couples nowadays are investing their time and money on getting memorable wedding ceremonies. From simple colored weddings, they are now shifting to themed celebrations to make their vows more memorable. Make yours unforgettable as well by learning some of the trending wedding themes of the year 2019.

Movie-inspired Weddings

Lots of couples embrace the idea of having movie-inspired weddings. If you are a big fan of the Harry Potter series, you can divide the tables in the reception according to the four houses of Hogwarts. You can also hold your ceremony at night and make the guests wave lightsabers as you dance with your partner. Just remember to look for the best wedding planner in Aspen to discuss your ideas. Your planner will approve the movie elements that can be presented while preserving the solemnity of the event.

Tropical Weddings

Deviating from elegant and classy weddings, tropically themed ceremonies feature bright pink, orange, and yellow colors. They make the ambiance more cheerful and lively. For the things decorated in the venue, couples can choose tropical flowers and fruits. There can also be oranges, kiwis, and mangoes served on tables.

Bohemian Weddings

Inspired by the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, Bohemian weddings give a relaxing and artistic vibe to guests. Couples can have a long Bohemian-style carpet laid down in front of the altar. They can also let the bridesmaid and flower girls wear Bohemian-themed dresses. Lamps, dream catchers, and feathers are ideal for making the venue cozy and unique.

Vintage Weddings

wedding reception at an outdoor venue vineyard winery

From the term itself, a vintage wedding is like giving a glimpse of the past. Instead of using modern tools, couples can display old things to make the venue more rustic. The bride can wear a classy and lacey long-sleeve wedding gown. As for the place, it is excellent to include vintage furniture. For instance, you can use brown cards instead of white ones. You can also put pastel-colored flowers and candelabra on tables.

Toy-themed Weddings

For couples who want to try something different and interactive, weddings with toys are the best. The toys that will be used at the wedding will depend on the most exciting playthings of the couple. For example, the groom can suggest putting a huge LEGO figure in front of the reception as part of reminiscing his childhood. Chess can also be used as designs on invites and placed on tables to entertain guests.

Around-the-world Weddings

If you are a traveler who has explored a lot of countries with your partner, you can try this theme. You can hang the world map in the reception and even give travel-related tokens to the guests. To make the event more interesting, you can also hold games that tackle different places.

Geometric Weddings

These weddings focus more on shapes and designs rather than colors. Thus, to pull off this theme, you need to display items with unique shapes, like hexagonal vases and square bowls. You can also put a geometric backdrop and decorate tables with geometric-shaped paper or abstract figurine.

Ultimately, planning a wedding is stressful. Even so, the joy that it can give to you and your guests is worth your money and effort. Wedding ceremonies are special events in our lives, so we should do our best to make them one of a kind.

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