The Unique Benefits of Exotic Massages

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Before modern medicine and medical procedures were invented, most individuals and cultures would use herbs, medicine, and rituals in treating injuries and ailments. Traditionally, massages are known for being one of the most therapeutic ways of relieving pain and stress in different parts of the body. 


Historically, massages were first performed by Indian healers. The concept of performing a massage leaned on a more spiritual side; each person has “life health” and different types of energy flowing through their body. Stress and pain are normally associated with negative energy. These healers believed that energy could be transferred from one person to another, and this negative energy could be “taken out” of the person through massages.


Nowadays, when we think of “massage,” we think of state-of-the-art spas with professional therapists, hotel services, and tropical getaways in the far-east. But there’s more to massages than just making intricate movements with hands and stretching your muscles and your body. There are numerous approaches to massage therapy, and some individuals will specialize in certain massages.


But whether these types of massages are “exotic,” traditional, or quite new, each type of massage is explicitly tailor-made on helping out certain parts of the body and unique conditions. Here are some message therapies that you should try to improve your emotional and physical health. 


What Is A Massage, and Why Should You Get One?


For the most part, people think that massages are not a necessary part of life, especially when time could be used in working. But for us to function well, we will need to release some of that “negative energy.” Manual therapy in the form of a massage can help foster and generate even more energy by applying necessary pressure in crucial areas. Although, this pressure isn’t too forceful as it might cause injuries to tendons and muscles. 


Learning about different types of massages and the unique benefits that they can give to the body can help you adjust your body towards the necessary “therapies” after doing strenuous physical activities or a long day at work.


Tailor-made For You


Contrary to what most people think, there are various massages designed for different purposes, such as innervating, revitalizing your senses, removing stress, and relieving pressure in your back. But when it comes to how the public sees massages, they see it as an activity that’s meant to relax. 


So what are some health benefits of getting a massage? 



  • Relieves bone structure pain – As we grow older, most individuals will start experiencing pain in their joints, especially when our bone structure will start experiencing bone complications in the form of osteoarthritis and arthritis




  • Relieves pressure on your back – Most individuals who spend their days sitting down and working will experience a degree of back pain. 




  • Removes stress and anxiety – Massages foster better sleep and remove stress and anxiety. Different types of massages like aromatherapy massage (we’ll get to that later) is known for helping with anxiety. 



But whether it’s removing stress, relieving back pain, or ensuring that your bones and ligaments are ready for the next day’s tasks, professional therapists should do these intricate massages. Fortunately, some spas can cater to your needs through professional therapists. 


It’s important to note that even though massages can help the body by alleviating pain, stress, and pressure, it is not an alternative towards proper medication that has been advised by medical practitioners and professionals. While traditional means of treatment is alright, it should be used alongside medication and professionals' supervision. 


But what are some unique massages that you should try out at least once? Here’s what you can do: 


Aromatherapy Massage


This is one of the more popular massages. Therapists will incorporate essential oils while the person is being massaged or being inhaled by the individual. In some cases, therapists will use a diffuser without interacting much with the essential oils.


Most experts advise getting an allergy test since certain substances might cause allergic reactions. The last thing that you want it being irritated by some essential oils. 


Hot Stone Massage


If you’ve had a long day and you want to release some “steam,” you might want to consider a hot stone massage. Hot stone massages are often characterized by flat smooth stones being placed on your back and in different areas of your body. 


If you’re not used to the heat, you can always tell your massage therapist to lower the amount of heat on the stone or have a towel as a barrier between your skin and the stones. 


Swedish Massage


If you’re quite new to getting a whole-body massage, you might want to try starting with a Swedish massage. Long strokes on the skin characterize this massage. Usually, the therapist will lead blood towards the heart with these strokes, helping with heart health while relieving tension in your muscles.


A variety of massages will also have a plethora of different benefits. But right before you do get a massage, it’s important to do your own research first. If you have health conditions, you might want to consult a doctor first. Whether you’re there to relieve back pain, remove anxiety, or stop the pain in your muscles, you’re there to relax and pamper yourself.

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