An Adventurous Life: Bizarre Things You Can Do in Other Countries

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Traveling can be so much fun given that you have the right activities for it. These activities can change a person’s monotone life. And some of these activities can change a person entirely.

Many Americans solely enjoy traveling because of the many things they can do in other countries. They also do it for some soul searching. Those who travel eventually find something they can learn from. They can bring it back and tell their parents and loved ones about it: it can be an existential experience or a euphoric one. Either way, it hits both body and soul. Here are some bizarre but fulfilling things you can do in other countries.

Getting Your Ear Cleaned in Chengdu, China

China might be the last place you’d want to go to in your mind, considering that many experts attribute the start of the pandemic there. But the virus has been slowly on a decline ever since vaccines were available to the public, and more visitors are starting to once again flock to the country—one of the more famous spots to visit in Chengdu, China.

Chengdu is home to many good views. It’s also home to many wonderful Chinese cuisines that are an experience in itself. However, one of the more famous things you can do in Chengdu is to get your ears cleaned. It’s not the same ear cleaning procedure through micro-suction. It’s more personal and tingly than that.

You’ll see a couple of these people roaming around parks to do this particular job for you. They are experts at what they do, and you’ll actually see many people do this activity in public. It’s integrated with the city’s culture, and everyone loves it.

If you’re planning to experience it to tell your loved ones at home, try it out! If you’re scared, know It’s a safe activity, and you won’t feel any pain while it happens. Just a tingly sensation that might remind you of the memory for years to come.

Get a Traditional Tatoo in Banaue, Rice Terraces, Phillippines

Many Americans get traditional tattoos from all over the world. It’s a reminder of the places they’ve been. A memory that they will remember etched on their skin for years to come. However, no one can get the same tattoo as the one Whang-od gives in the village of Buscalan near Banaue, Rice Terraces in the Philippines.

Whang-od is an elder of the village (aged more than a hundred years old) doing one of the country’s last dying arts. She gives traditional warrior tattoos to those who visit, and she does it beautifully. It can be as painful as getting a modern tattoo, but the experience is well worth it because no one knows who will continue the tradition once Whang-Od passes away. The feeling of being marked by one of the very few ancients in this world is a fulfilling experience. One that pushes people to travel many miles to feel it.

After the tattoo, you can visit many wonderful views nearby. It’s also a great place of culture and a reminder of what the country does in the past. Rice farming is the heart of every Filipino community, and it’s humbling to see it as someone from outside the country.

man bungee jumping

Go Bungee Jumping in Verzasca Dam, Switzerland

This activity is for the thrill-seekers out there. It’s not the most bizarre activity on this list, but if you want to feel a bungee jump like no other, this one is for you.

Switzerland is home to many experiences, such as their tasty cuisine, beautiful winter nights, and hiking in their beautiful national parks. However, one of the best things you can do right now in the country is to visit Verzasca dam and go bungee jumping. This particular place is known for its amazing height (about 720 feet). It’s also featured in one of the James Bond films known as “Goldeneye. ”

This bungee jump will literally take your breath away. It’s a long way down, and experiencing the momentum makes you feel like you are flying. This is truly a bizarre experience as no other jump comes close. It is something you’ll remember and tell your loved ones for years to come.

Here are three bizarre things you can do in other countries. These activities tell you that you can experience so many things in another country aside from their food and beautiful sceneries. You can be a part of their culture for a while or even experience something that only a few people can experience in their lifetime. So go out there and experience these activities for yourself before they fade away forever.

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