Affordable But Beautiful Wedding Ideas to Avoid Overspending

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Budgeting for a wedding isn't simple. For some, no matter how much they try not to go over their spending limit, they still end up doing so and not simply because weddings aren't cheap. It's more because of sudden changes in decisions — for example, choosing a new theme because it's more aesthetically appealing compared to what was originally planned, albeit more expensive. And since it's going to be the couple's big day, it's only fair that they get everything they want. As long as they can stretch out their budget, it shouldn't be a problem. But is it really?

Of course, every couple is entitled to decide whether they should overspend or not, but weddings don't have to be too expensive. A dreamy and fairytale-like wedding is still possible with a limited budget, so why not take advantage of that? Think of the money you'll save for your honeymoon.

That said, here's how to make your dream wedding come true without overspending:

1. Choose an Affordable Wedding Dress

A wedding dress at a cheaper price isn't always less lovely than a designer gown. If you know where to shop, you'll be surprised at the range of beautiful dresses available, and not a single one of them will require you to splurge. Provo City in Utah has some of the most affordable and beautiful wedding dresses, so if you live nearby, definitely check out what they have in store for you.

2. Choose Small-Town Venues

You may just discover some hidden gems outside the city, all far cheaper but no less beautiful. Choose a place that's already attractive without much decor, such as a public park, a bed and breakfast, or an art gallery. You'd only need a few enhancements to spruce them up. Try a rustic theme to make use of natural elements that are all effortlessly charming.

3. Skip Expensive Flowers and Greenery

A good hack to save on flowers is to grow them yourself or to order in-season blooms from local growers. But another great idea to save even more is to use cut branches and baby's breath. Birch tree branches make for a unique bouquet; simply wrap a gorgeous ribbon around them. You may also do the same for baby's breath flowers. 

4. Be Creative With Table Decor

Table decors are DIY-friendly, so use your own creativity to make them. You can use inexpensive candle lanterns, glass bottles, mason jars, pots, and even candy. If you wish to deviate from tradition, try taking the buffet menu to your guests' tables instead of having one long buffet table. That way, your guests won't have to line up and you won't have to decorate their tables as much.

5. Keep Most Decor on Focal Points

You don't have to fill the entire venue with decor, though it can be hard to do this to an indoor venue, hence why outdoor venues can help you save more. Place decor only on focal points to draw your guests' eyes on those areas. Use paper lanterns, statement planters, chalkboards or decorative signage, balloons, or any other affordable items you can find.

6. Romantic Lighting

Romantic and dreamy lighting can be achieved with string lights, candlelight, and lanterns. You can DIY tin can lanterns, hang string lights on focal points, or hang lanterns all over the place. Illuminate the tables with candlelight for extra elegance.

Overspending on a wedding is not the wisest move, even if you're entirely capable. Your finances are better directed towards the life you're about to build, which would involve buying a house, raising kids, or maybe starting a business. As the popular saying goes, you should "spend on your marriage, not on your wedding." Use your hard-earned money to sustain a lifetime with your spouse.

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