Gap Year Statistics: The Driving Factor to Attend Uni

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For some college-bound students, taking a gap year is as important as choosing a major. While many parents may hesitate to suggest this to their kids, the outcomes are almost universally positive for those who select this option. Attending the university is like going to the jungle. It’s fun and exciting but there are many challenges. A gap year is a breather before they dive in.

Gap Year Statistics

An Australian study showed that taking a gap year made students more likely to go back to uni. The break they had became a way to learn new skills to use while at uni. These students also got better grades and did well in their courses. In a way, they had to go through a gap year to discover that going back to school is also important. The gap year is just a way to enjoy a whole year without school obligations. After all, studying starts at a young age. A year off allows them to recharge themselves before committing to studying full-time again.

The number of gappers showed an increase of 10% in the years between 2000 and 2010. It’s not surprising for the gappers to finish uni at age 24 since they start later than their peers. Despite the later graduating age, gappers are considered happy youngsters. Many were able to travel or work in a place they were interested in, and they also probably met a lot of people. All these experiences contributed to better student life in uni.

Why Choose a Gap Year?

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In general, a young student’s life is about home, school, then back home, and occasionally, maybe the mall. Their lives might be more colorful if they’re permitted to travel. But there’s so much time they need to spend studying. With a gap year, they can take a break and discover things around them. These are the things they may not recognize before. These things are important because they might impact their choices in education.

The break is a way to set their goals. They will realize what they want for their lives because they aren’t worrying about studies. They have a year to decide what to do with their lives and how to achieve their goals.

The experience they get is incomparable. Some gappers might choose to work. For example, a year as a barista can gain them valuable insights when they enroll for a culinary course. The amount of knowledge they can use for their future endeavors is priceless. If you’re considering this, you should try a gap year in Thailand for paid work. Working and traveling is very good for social and mental health.

Probably the most important reason to take a gap year is to avoid spending. Some students feel lost when they’re searching for the right courses. This can result in spending tuition on subjects and courses they have no affinity for.Inevitably, they will take another course if they realize that but they already wasted money. But a gap year lets them find themselves so they can choose the course close to their hearts. And, they can get jobs they love after uni.


The factors that contribute to taking a gap year are very helpful. A gap year shouldn’t be a cause of fear but something to look forward to. A student won’t go astray because of a gap year. It might even be a reason to convince a student about the importance of going to college.

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