Home Remedies to Deal With Various Aches And Pains

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Many conditions can cause pain in people. While there are over-the-counter medications available, needing immediate relief can have you turning to your pantry. Several herbal remedies can help soothe your pains quickly. Here is a list of some pain relief options that should be readily available to you.


One of the most effective pain remedies is ginger. This simple herb is excellent for treating stomach upsets and even body pain from fibromyalgia. Using it is simple. Chop the root into small pieces and either ingest directly or have it in a tea. The strong taste can be a problem, but you can mix some honey with your tea to make it easier to drink. Take ginger regularly for maximum effect.


If your wisdom tooth is plaguing you, then you can ease the pain with an old traditional remedy: cloves. You can use this spice in either its original form or as an oil. All you need to do is to put it in the affected area. The area will soon feel numb. For clove oil, you need to swab the affected gum area for the same effect. Only wisdom teeth removal can stop the pain, but the cloves can help with the pain until your appointment. A regular toothache can benefit from the clove treatment, too.


For those who suffer from migraines, feverfew can be an effective solution. While herbal medicine makers have made pills of powdered and dried leaves, you do not need to buy them. All you need are the leaves, and you can make tea from them. Don’t directly boil the leaves but throw some of them after the water has heated. Take note that pregnant women should not be using feverfew and that it does have some side effects like irritation on the tongue and lips.


Turmeric is what makes curries yellow. The spice is more than delicious, though. It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Those who have arthritis swear that it helps them deal with the pain of the condition. It can also boost your immune system so consuming it can improve your health in general. While turmeric in foods is an easy way to have it, mixing turmeric powder into a tea is the most effective way of using it.


The sweet-smelling lavender can be a great way to ease pain via aromatherapy. Essential oils made of the flower can be burned to create a soothing scent that helps with pain. The oil itself can also be directly applied to the skin so that it can soothe specific areas of the body.


Though not a herb, capsaicin is what makes hot peppers so hot. It can help ease pain by manipulating the body’s response to pain. It also induces the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain killers. Capsaicin-based creams have become a popular arthritis treatment. They are applied directly to the painful areas to create a numbing effect. But you can also get some cayenne pepper and ingest a gram or so during meals to help with pain and bloating.

Herbs are a cheap and effective way to get some pain relief. Though they are not a complete cure, they can help ease some discomfort. You will still need to visit a doctor for treatment, but the herbal remedies can help get you there.

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