What You Can Do to Start Fighting Stress the Natural Way

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According to the APA, one-third of Americans suffer from extreme stress. This affects every aspect of a person’s life, from their relationship to their health. The bad news is, only 28% are effectively managing their stress. The good news is, there are things you can start doing today so you can finally beat your stress. It does not necessarily mean you will need the help of the pros to do this.

But before you choose any of the following, it pays to dig a little deeper and find out what are the main sources of stress first. For instance, your main cause of stress these days is due to a recent traumatic event that led to a disability. If this is the case and you qualify for disability benefits, then it becomes a must that you talk to a reliable lawyer so they can take of filing a disability claim for you. This way, you can start the recovery process with a peaceful mind knowing a competent lawyer will advocate for you.

After knowing the source of your stress, you can now choose among the many home remedies that are scientifically proven safe and effective. The following are just some of them.

Engage in physical stress

Many would argue that when you are feeling stressed out, rest and relaxation is what you need. They say exercise and any form of physical activity will only aggravate your stress levels. But according to science, regular physical activity has a unique ability to ease stress and even fight depression.

When we engage in regular exercise, our body works hard to produce endorphins which are happy hormones. These neurotransmitters are often referred to as runner’s high. When your endorphin levels are high, you instantly get that feeling of happiness and stability. No matter your situation, there will always be certain exercises you can do to give yourself a boost of endorphins.

Say yes to expressive writing


Some people will attest that writing helps them better manage their stress. As it turns out, such theory has been tested in many studies and the results are stunning. James W. Pennebaker headed several expressive writing studies and published his work in 1997.

The participants of his study claim that writing helped them relax. However, timing is a crucial element to expressive writing. For one, this is not advisable immediately after a person encountered a traumatic event. One needs to wait and be ready to open up before writing down their thoughts and feelings. According to Dr. Pennebaker, one needs to wait for one to two months after the incident before trying out expressive writing for it to be effective.

Sleep more

CDC claims one in three adults don’t get enough sleep each day. According to a survey, adults who don’t get eight hours of sleep each night are more likely to experience stress during the day. Remember that your quality of sleep is also crucial.

When you get enough hours of quality sleep each day, you will find yourself feeling fresh and energized during the day. You will get to make better decisions, thus helping you lower the risk of making decisions you will later on regret. If you wish to lower your stress levels, try to sleep more.

Sleeping more, writing down your thoughts and feelings, and getting enough exercise are some of the best home remedies to ease your everyday stress. Experts agree to these methods and studies have proven the reliability of these facts. The best thing about these stress-relieving tactics is that you can do these at home and free of charge.

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