How to Properly Maintain Your Polymer Stamps

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These days, one of the most popular types of stamps in the DIY world is the polymer stamp. Many people in the art industry find polymer stamps easy to use because of their many great features. For instance, they are transparent, so you can use them for projects that require simple designs or modifications.

However, polymer stamps require lots of maintenance. You should store polymer stamps properly because they can easily be damaged. With that in mind, here are some ways to extend the service life of polymer and alphabet stamp sets:

Keep Them in a Cool Place

Polymer stamps are made of plastic, which means that they can easily get damaged when exposed to heat. Make sure to keep them away from direct sunlight or rooms with high temperatures. You can store them in shaded areas such as your attic or garage. Remember that extreme levels of heat can easily warp or damage polymer stamps.

You should also remember to keep these devices away from appliances such as irons, hair dryers, and more. By storing your polymer stamps in places with room temperature, you can protect them from everyday wear and tear.

Do Not Worry About the Stains

Almost all stamps get stained easily, including polymer stamps. The only difference is that these devices can have more prominent stains. In other words, after repeated use, the stains become more visible. However, this should not trouble you. Remember that the dyes will not significantly affect your current and future stamping projects. Just make sure to clean the stamps right after using them. Doing so will preserve their look and functionality.
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Get a Chamois

If you want your polymer stamps to remain clean, you can consider buying a chamois. This is a cleaning mat that you can use to keep your polymer stamps in excellent working condition. Just take the cloth, add a bit of water, and wipe your stamps until the stains disappear.

A chamois is usually thick and durable, which means that it can last for a long time. Clean the mat right after using it so that the ink will not stain it that much. However, minor stains on the cloth are negligible; they will not affect the quality of your stamps.

Steer Clear of Certain Inks

Not all types of ink are safe to use with polymer stamps. Steer clear from alcohol-based inks, which can easily damage your polymer stamps. Such pigments contain solvents, which can dissolve the polymer. If you often use alcohol-based products, you risk permanently damaging your polymer stamps. You can use alcohol ink on rubber stamps but never on polymer ones.

In the end, you need to use foam mats and polymer stamps hand-in-hand when completing a DIY project. Doing so will make the image brighter and crisper. If you want to create vivid images for your artistic endeavors, you should consider getting polymer stamps and other particular types of printing equipment. If you feel unsure, you can seek the help or advice of professionals.

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