Is It Time to Turn to a Professional Matchmaker?

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You’re moneyed, a professional, smart, witty, attractive, and kind — but you’re wondering why you’re still single? You’ve tried several dating apps, and despite the multitude of single people in your options, you still can’t find anyone who meets your standards and expectations. Your peers tell you to lower them, but you know you only deserve the best and you won’t settle for less.

If you’re really keen on finding “the one”, perhaps it’s time to delete those dating apps and turn to professional matchmakers, instead. In case you’re skeptical, they’re aren’t like dating apps at all. Find out how they work and see if their services are for you.

How Professional Matchmakers Work

Unlike dating apps, professional matchmakers don’t work for free. They’re usually marketed to the elite, who need to pay a membership fee to be included in their pool or dating rosters. But before you become a member, you’d be meeting with the matchmaker first for an initial consultation, where you’d be asked about what type of relationship are you seeking and with what kind of person. After that, you’d be paying the membership dues if the matchmaker decides that their services fit you. If not, they may refer you to another service.

Now that you’re a member, the matchmaker will skim their roster to find a suitable date for you, with these considerations in mind:

  • family background
  • educational background
  • hobbies and interests
  • religious background and practices
  • personal values and morals
  • thoughts about children
  • dating history
  • deal-breakers

Matchmakers may also work as dating coaches, teaching their clients how to start and keep a conversation going, and what topics to avoid. Some also offer makeover services, including fashion and weight management tips.

Depending on the matchmaker, they may escort their clients to exclusive parties and introduce them to other singles. Others may arrange events specifically for their clients so they can all interact. A one-on-one date may also be arranged immediately if they already found someone who might be suitable for their client.

Where to Find Professional Matchmakers

You can find professional and experienced matchmakers around Houston, Texas, and other upscale states. They’re easily searched online as well.

When to Turn to a Professional Matchmaker

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Aside from just being tired of dating apps, there are other great reasons to seek out a pro matchmaker, and these are:

  1. You’re a catch. Professional, intelligent, witty, attractive, moneyed, and kind. You’re also from a respectable family and was raised with moral values. Simply put, you’re the whole package, and are just too good for the people in dating apps.
  2. You don’t have time to waste. When you meet a person you found on a dating app, it may end up in a disaster, meaning you have to find someone new again and go back to square one. When you’re a busy professional, this is just a waste of time.
  3. Dating feels like a job. When you’re still unsuccessful in dating apps despite several tries, dating will definitely feel like a job. You deserve to date to feel good, not to feel disappointed.
  4. You’re looking for a serious relationship. Dating apps keep people from settling down because there are always options. If you’re tired of the search already, a pro matchmaker will be the solution.
  5. You’re ready to meet elite prospects. As an elite, it’s only natural that you’d be interested in your fellow elites, too. Pro matchmakers will set you up with people with backgrounds compatible with yours, so you have high chances of getting along well.
  6. You’re looking for “the one.” You’re not just looking for a serious relationship; you’re looking for the one you’re potentially marrying. Only a pro matchmaker knows how to find him/her for you, without your time ever being wasted.

With those being said, you should be convinced to finally approach a professional matchmaker. Rest assured that your investment — time and money — will be in good hands, and you’ll be meeting your soulmate at last.

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