In Sickness and in Health: Planning a Destination Proposals in a Crisis

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Crafting a memorable proposal is meant to be a lot easier when you are both on a trip. You are more relaxed, and the new experiences that you share will put you in a romantic mood. The challenging part is making sure that everything goes according to plan.

Suppose you go to a location where neither of you speaks the language, and it is challenging to communicate with the locals. In that case, coordinating the proposal with other people will be impossible. Alternatively, in the instance that the destination you pick can accommodate your plans while understanding what you are trying to say, it should go smoothly.

It has been over a year since the lockdowns due to the coronavirus. The tourism industry has prepared measures to recover losses. As travelers, the important thing is to comply with the new guidelines and still practice minimum health standards.

Some locations are going to be more relaxed on the restrictions, giving you and your soon-to-be fiancé the freedom to wander. You should note that the protocols may dampen some excitement. On the bright side, if everything goes according to plan, holding a ceremony with fewer guests can save you over 30% of the average cost of a wedding.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with so much planning to do. To keep track of all the preparation you need, here are 3 S’s you should remember:

Secure Your Valuables

Ensure that nothing will go missing on your trip, especially what you need to pop the question. A beautiful piece like a braided diamond engagement ring can set the mood for how your married life will shine with a sparkling diamond in every twist and turn because you will have each other through the ups and downs.

It would be best if you found a way to securely pack it without getting your partner suspicious. Avoid leaving it loose in your luggage or keeping it in the clothes you wear for the duration of the trip unless it is time to ask for their hand.

Securing your valuables also means that you need to protect your significant other by packing disinfectants or preparing a budget to purchase them when you land. The pandemic is still happening in different countries, and you never know who you end up flying with. It will also help to constantly update yourself on the current situation at your location. This way, you will be able to pack and anticipate your needs appropriately.

Schedule Your Spots


Always schedule the tours you intend to go on. It may take more effort, but this is how you can make sure that you will have the privacy you need. Furthermore, since physical distancing is a priority, securing your spots ahead of time can give you an idea of the number of people you will be with. If you prefer a less crowded location to conduct the proposal, or for the sake of safety in general, you should consider contacting the venue in advance.

If you intend to go backpacking, calling for your accommodations can ensure that you will be sleeping in a sanitized room. By doing so, the host can anticipate your arrival, securing the room both in terms of reserving it and cleaning it thoroughly. Another advantage is how you can save money by booking in advance. You will be able to compare options while having an idea of the route you and your partner can take.

Settle Your Nerves

Do not let the looming proposal create tension during your trip. Enjoy every moment with your loved one, cherishing the period in your relationship before you offer commitment. This will be a challenge when you have several emotions all at once, ranging from excitement to uncertainty.

Keep your mind in the present. Whatever you and your partner are experiencing is going to be a shared memory. Even though your purpose for the journey is to propose, your partner is there with you to create new memories with you. They will also least expect the proposal if you do not seem preoccupied during the trip. If you are unsure as to when to ask, you will know when the time comes.

So remember to secure, schedule, and settle. You will get to ask the big question eventually. Everyone hopes for a perfect proposal, but it is nearly impossible to predict precisely how it will happen. The best thing you can do is come prepared and enjoy the journey to your true destination: marriage.

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