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Disclaimer: No activity outside the home is 100% safe from COVID-19. The pandemic is still raging, with new variants developing. Even though many of us are now vaccinated, the threat is still out there, so when embarking on any trip, follow national and local guidelines.

In this blog, we’ve talked a lot about travel. Exotic places and locales. Themed trips and adventures. New cultures and flavors.

If you’re like many in our community, travel is one of the biggest things we’ve missed throughout this pandemic. Especially for those working from home, going on a trip is one of the first things to do in a post-COVID world.

The wait continues, however. Yes, things are opening up. You can travel technically, but if you can help it, it’s still best to avoid unnecessary travel.

But what of necessary travel? The mundane tasks and activities we continue to do occasionally outside the home. Is there a way to make these errands feel more like an adventure? Is it really just a matter of perspective and approaching things differently?

Jaunt with Purpose

It’s an errand but make it fun. Those quick, regular trips we make to the supermarket may be the only activities making us wear pants right now, so why not make the most of them?

Maybe you need to deposit a check in the bank, or maybe you have some forms you need to file in a government office (check first if you can do this online). When heading there, make a big deal out of it. Plan your outfit and your day. Maybe you can take the longer, more scenic route to get there. Take a side trip to a local park. As long as you’re still wearing a mask and keeping your distance, you might enjoy it.

Wellness Escape

Hospitals have been the battlegrounds of this fight against the coronavirus. Unless your ailment is urgent, why not consider going to a dedicated clinic or wellness center instead? That way, you’ll avoid further crowding an already busy place, giving space for those who need more pressing emergency care.

If your health issue is fairly moderate and doesn’t need immediate attention, you can book an appointment in one of these healthcare centers. If you’ve been having wrist or back issues because of typing all day on your computer, you can go to a pain clinic with a more relaxing and holistic approach. Maybe you can schedule a nice al fresco lunch after your trip to the eye doctor or the dentist. It’s all about turning these trips into literal journeys to wellness.

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Group Chat Getaway

Remember how travel allowed us to meet new people and get to know another culture? Well, after not having seen them in months, maybe meeting up with friends and family can be something like that? It would nice to catch up with them, to see how much they’ve changed or not changed, and learn how they’ve coped throughout this pandemic.

Things are definitely not yet 100% safe, but there’s no reason why you can’t schedule a quick outdoor meetup from a safe distance with your buds.

But what can you do exactly? It’s not as limited as you might think. You can meet up in a park for an outdoor picnic. You can take a hike in a secluded area. Go fishing, even. This is your chance to explore all those outdoor activities that you always wanted to do.

Talking to friends and family is also a great way to lift our spirits and boost our moods, which was quite difficult to do while cooped up at home. If you decide to go out and meet with people, be sure to follow guidelines and safety precautions.

Buddy Road Trip

You know how walking the dog can sometimes become a chore? One of the best ways to get a job done is to find a way to enjoy it, so the next time you walk your pet, make a trip out of it!

Instead of just going around the block, maybe take the car with your best bud and take a longer, more scenic walk in another park. Change the view and scenery. Maybe stop for some ice cream along the way.

The great thing about this is that you’ll be outdoors and doing this activity alone, so it’s fairly safe. And you’re not the only one who’s going to enjoy it; your mutt will, too.

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