Budget-friendly Beauty Hacks

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Everyone wants to be beautiful. However you identify yourself, no matter how old or young you are, you can’t deny wanting to look good. But beauty almost always comes at a hefty price.

Some think buying the best makeup brands is the key to beauty. Others opt to have cosmetic surgery to get the look they want. But what if you don’t have a dollar to spare? Contrary to popular belief, there are ways to look good without having to spend much.

With these eight budget-friendly beauty hacks, you can achieve the glow-up you desire without worrying about your bills.

The power of steam

  • Let your body soak in the steam when showering

    Taking baths regularly is one of the basic ways to take care of your skin. Your skin will be exposed to dirt and other harmful particles whether you go outside or not. When you don’t wash these particles mixed with sweat for some time, your skin will be prone to infections.

    But more than just rinsing the dirt away, soaking your body in the steam produced by hot showers can also have spa-like benefits to your skin.

    Steam can open your pores and loosen dirt buildup, making skin cleansing easier. It can also help keep your scalp and hair healthy since it helps melt the dried oil your body produces to lubricate your hair.

  • Enjoy DIY facial steaming

    Steam can help regulate oil production. This can be a good way to moisturize your face naturally. You can use boiled water on a bowl or basin, a fresh towel big enough to cover your head, and various herbs you can easily get in your kitchen. Chamomile, rosemary, and green tea are the cheapest and most common herbs you can add.

    Steam your face for five to ten minutes to let the blood vessels in your face dilate. This will increase the circulation of blood and regulates oxygen delivery, giving you younger-looking skin.

Wonders of the Ice

  • Close your pores with ice

    Using ice as your primer helps in shrinking your pores. That means the foundation will look smoother, and there will be fewer chances of getting your pores clogged with makeup.

  • Add ice to your skincare routine

    Since ice reduces swelling, you can also use it as a remedy for acne and eye bags. And just like steaming, putting ice on your face can also improve blood circulation. Your skin will have a better chance of fighting premature aging, aka wrinkles.

Heat and Eyes

  • Liquify your pencil eyeliner

    Pencil cosmetics usually create thin lines. Using them to cover non-linear and wider areas takes time. Because of this, people would buy liquid liners instead, even if these gel formulas are more expensive. Luckily, there’s a creative way to beat the system.

    Place the pointy end of the pencil eyeliner near a fire for one to two seconds. Wait for ten to fifteen seconds before smudging it on your palm. Wait for another couple of seconds for it to settle on your skin, and voila, you got yourself a DIY gel formula.

    Keep in mind that using a lighter would be better than matches since matches contain substances harmful to your skin.

  • Heat your eyelash curlers

    Your hair blower isn’t just for the head. Imagine a curling iron for your eyelashes.

    You can blow hot air into your eyelash curlers for three minutes or less, depending on your blowers’ heat. Let it cool down for a bit to keep your eyelids safe, and do what you do regularly.

    Doing this will increase your lash curling efficiency by making the process faster and the effects longer.

Bonus Content

  • Fix your posture to appear taller and slimmer

    Your poor posture might be giving you the illusion that you have a bloated stomach and a double chin. Fix your posture by standing straight, untucking your pelvis (sticking your booty out), and rolling your shoulders backward and outwards. Consistency in doing this might do wonders for your appearance.

    But it doesn’t end there. Avoidance of slouching also helps in avoiding as well as relieving back pain. And without your constant back pain, you might smile more, enhancing your glow up even further.

  • Always remember to hydrate

    Hydrating regularly helps your blood flow. Nutrients in your body will be able to reach your skin faster. Drinking water regularly also helps your kidneys remove wastes from your blood, so only the essential nutrients will reach your organs.

    Dehydration or even a constant lack of water intake might cause complications in your organs, including your skin. If this happens, discoloration, premature wrinkling, eczema, and dry skin would be the least of your worries.

The Final Touch

These are just a few of the many budget-friendly ways you can do to enhance your beauty. Following these tips might be the best way to look good and still have the money to feel good. But as exciting as it seems, keep in mind that the key to truly being beautiful is staying healthy.

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