The Signs Telling You That Your Hairstylist is the Best

Woman getting a haircut
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How would you feel if you go to a salon, asked for a trim, and the stylist cut your hair so short? Not so good, of course. A good relationship between a customer and a stylist is when there’s an understanding between the two. The stylist listens to what the customer wants and the customer accepts suggestions.

Some stylists and their customer go way beyond the thinning shears. With that, here are the signs you’ve got a great relationship with your stylist going.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

When you go to a salon the first time, you can feel a bit timid. That’s because you don’t want your hair to be victimized by the stylist. Everyone knows that there are stylists who insist on what they want and won’t listen to the customer.

A great stylist will listen to you even when they have great suggestions in mind. They will try to know what your preference is before meeting you in the middle. After that, they will try to introduce treatments and hair products that are perfect for you. What makes them great? They won’t insist if you don’t want to.

On the other hand, some customers want all the treatments to be put on their hair. Not every treatment is good for everyone. Some treatments are bad for you that you might get falling hair. A good hairstylist knows this. They’ve been around in the business that they know if your hair can take the treatment. These stylists are keepers.

A Great Hairstylist Is…

A great hairstylist is someone up-to-date on the latest hair technologies. They like to attend hair-related events so they can share it with their customers. They know a lot because they never stop learning about the latest trends. They also find ways to look for safer trends.

Most customers want to be served first. While hairstylists can’t provide all the services at once, they can show your loyal patrons their important by making sure they are attended to on time. They can make sure they always leave the salon feeling great and more beautiful.

How do stylists react when a customer points out they weren’t satisfied? Will they react negatively or take it as constructive criticism? It’s a given that not all the services a salon provide will have positive feedback. The reaction of the service provider is important. A good stylist won’t lash out to the customer because they didn’t like the comments.

Making the Most of Hair Passion

Female hairstylist fixing the hair of client

Some customers like friendly banter, while others choose to stay quiet than talk. It’s up to the hairstylist to recognize the types of customers they’re dealing with. Having a well-rounded personality can accommodate different moods in people. In turn, customers will be thankful that the stylist can adapt to them.

Lastly, some customers need someone to talk to. The hairstylist can be that person. Some people need special attention especially when they’re going through a lot. A hairstylist isn’t only a service provider. Many hairstylists are good listeners and can become a good friend.

Being a hairstylist has its ups and downs. Some customers won’t like the service, but some are friendly that customers form friendships. There are also non-repeat customers. What’s important, though, is that both hairstylist and customer has respect for each other. It’s also important that both listen to needs and suggestions to form a great relationship.

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