Three Fashion Rules That Need to Be Broken

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The fashion choices that we make are often influenced by external factors, such as social media and our favorite celebrities, until we establish our own senses of style. And these are usually a mesh of everything we’ve consumed over the years.

While many of us still follow the rules established by the fashion world, it’s about time that we break them and move forward.

Don’t Mix Metals

There’s this age-old belief that metals shouldn’t be mixed. That silver jewelry should only be partnered with other silver jewelry, and gold with other gold pieces. Well, that just doesn’t make any sense. If it does, then that means if you have micro pave yellow gold wedding band, you’re doomed to only wear gold for the rest of your life — which shouldn’t be the case.

Considering that silver and gold are both neutrals, it’s logical for anyone to combine them at times. When done right, they can look tasteful and elegant, like a few brand name silver-gold watches in the market.

A tip from designers: keep it odd. That is, don’t wear equal amounts of each metal. Wear one more gold or silver to keep it imbalanced and a little eclectic.

Do Match Accessories with Shoes

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A white handbag and headband to match white heels. Floral printed shoes for a clutch in the same print. These variations were popular in the 50s, when women regularly matched their accessories with their shoes. It was believed that doing so made them appear more put together.

These days, it’s no longer necessary to do the same. Wear hot pink shoes with a floral bag. Or, Leopard print heels with a tan clutch. Anyone’s free to have fun with your pairings. That’s what fashion is all about, after all.

However, a note that stylists always give is to have accessories and footwear that complement each other. The key is being loud and dynamic, but tasteful nonetheless.

Don’t Wear Black with Brown or Navy

Black tops supposedly don’t go with navy or brown bottoms, and vice versa. The pairing between black and brown shouldn’t happen, and the same should be said about black and navy. This is an idea that has existed for ages.

Like the rule about metals, though, this one should be broken as well. It’s true that all three are neutrals and dominant colors. But it’s not true that pairing shades like these will result in a power struggle or dull outfits.

According to stylists, the key to making it work is by playing with shades. When wearing a true black garment, for example, pair it with a shade of navy or brown that’s a little lighter. This allows each color to pop without clashing.

Another thing to consider: add a little bit of color for a splash of brightness. Wearing a black and navy outfit? Try adding a silver accessory, like a belt, to make it shine.

It’s not always true that rules are made to be broken. But, this concept does apply to fashion. Experimentation often leads to innovation. Try out different styles, and break a rule every once in a while. You may come across something that looks good and has never been done before.

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