Where and When Not to Wear an Engagement Ring

woman showing her engagement ring to her friends
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We get it. You love wearing your engagement ring and showing it off to your friends and family. Besides, you deserve it, since you just have been engaged to the love of your life. The ring might be boasting a huge diamond or even the most beautiful band there is. Whatever it is, you would have to make sure to treasure it and take good care of it even after your wedding is done.

Below, we will discuss when and where you should take your engagement ring. This is to make sure that your engagement rings from Salt Lake City do not get lost and damaged in any way or form.

When Working Out

This might be a given, but we are still mentioning it anyway. You tend to pull on and handle heavy weights when working out, which means that your engagement ring will come in contact with metals and other types of hard surfaces. These things can easily damage your engagement ring, so it would be much better to just leave it someplace safe — at home or in your locker — before you head out to do your workouts.

When Taking a Bath

Most people tend to wear their rings when showering, however, this can cause damage to your engagement and wedding rings. It would be best to take it off before showering, as your ring can accidentally slip off and fall down the drain when you are washing up. Additionally, the abrasive ingredients in your facial scrubs, shampoo, soap, and conditioner can also ruin your ring.

When Washing the Dishes

Again, the abrasive chemicals found in dishwashing liquids can ruin and damage your ring. Also, you risk the chance of your ring slipping and falling off the drainage when washing the dishes, and it can be difficult to retrieve it once it gets stuck in the drainage. It can also get damaged by coming into contact with pots, pans, cups, and plates, so it would be best to leave it somewhere safe or wear a pair of gloves before proceeding to wash the dishes.

When Gardening

Gardener holding a pot with plant in garden

Your hands will literally get dirty when gardening, so it would be best to take off your engagement ring beforehand so it would not get submerged in dirt and soil. You will also most likely handle pots and the like, which means that your ring will get into contact with them. This is an easy way to get bumps and scratches on your ring, so leave it in a safe place before digging up your garden. Wearing a pair of gloves when gardening is not a surefire way to protect your ring, too, so better take it off instead.

Place a couple of small dishes in your home so you can easily leave your ring there whenever you need to do specific activities. Keep these dishes in the most important rooms in your house such as the master’s bedroom, the kitchen, the living area, and the bathroom. Good luck and congratulations on your engagement!

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