A Checklist for a Successful Marriage

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Summary: The article lists several factors that more or less guarantee a successful marriage.

Perfect diamond wedding bands, the perfect location, and a grand (or simple) reception can certainly lead to a memorable wedding ceremony. However, marriages are entirely different things, and you’ll need a separate checklist to ensure that yours will last.

Proper Mindset

Marriages between younger couples are more likely to end in divorce. While emotional maturity plays a big part in this, the proper mindset can make up for any marriage deficiencies at a younger age. Commitment to your partner and a good understanding of your own self are often indicators of lasting relationships. Understand that marriage is a journey, and sometimes rough waters are unavoidable. Realistic expectations of your future are also essential, including contingency plans for when your plans are delayed or derailed.

Good Finances

coupleFinancial hardships are the number one reason for divorce in the US. Keeping your marriage together would be hard if you can’t even pay the bills. Financial problems often breed resentment on both parties, which often results in irreparable damage to the relationship. Having a proper job certainly helps, but you also need to live within your means.

Put down the initial payment for a home as soon as possible. Months or years of paying rent seems pointless, especially if you can own a house for roughly the same amount of money. Limit your travels to once or twice a year and opt for shorter trips to nearby places. Plan your finances together and make sure to grow your savings for future necessities.

A Fitness Routine

Maintaining a healthy weight is essential to a lasting marriage — not because of superficial reasons — but because of the underlying issues of weight gain and obesity. A few extra pounds can deal great damage to your self-esteem, making you feel less attractive and more insecure. Obesity is also associated with depression, lethargy, lower sex drive, and an overall slump in quality of life. Obesity also factors in the majority of hospitalizations in the US. Staying fit will let you enjoy your married life to the fullest while also avoiding medical emergencies and the high hospitalization cost.

Open Discussions

Communication is key to every marriage. Discussing your everyday thoughts, feelings, and aspirations may not seem like much, but these small talks often increase the bonds between couples. Repressed doubts and emotions often lead to resentment when unaired, leaving your partner confused on how things escalated so quickly. Never assume that your partner can read your moods or your mind.

Men and women have different social and emotional cues, and they can’t always read the other side. Of course, it is important to think for yourself and not be swayed by prevailing opinions, especially the most extreme ones. Discussing how masculinity is toxic to your husband or raising genderless/gender-neutral kids can lead to problems unless both you and your partner espouse the same ideals.

Lasting marriages are built brick-by-brick by constant nourishment of both parties involved. Avoid the pitfalls that can damage your marriage and build a happy life with your spouse.

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